Thursday, July 8, 2010

Less then a week and off to Jamaica!!!

This week has been great!! I am seriously loving it here. The food is still not the best... Its kinda hard not to get an upset stomach haha. I eat a lot of fruits. Cuz thats about all that doesn't give you gas haha..
The fourth of July was awesome!! We had a fireside about how the restoration came to be. The reformers like Martin LUther and JOhn Calvin along with the founding fathers of this nation truly were inspired men. Without them, the restoration wouldn't have been possible. They definately paved the way for the restoration. After the fireside, we got to watch the fireworks. IT was great!! We got to stay up til 11:30!! Except we still had to get up at six thirty the next day. haha.
The more time I spend here the more I love being a missionary. I feel so good!! Its awesome. :) I'm amazed to see how much I am growing and its only been a week. I guess doing church things 24/7 will work wonders for you. This week we have been teaching and learning the plan of salvation. It has been a really good experience. I have really gained a testimony of it. It is really great to know where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going. It's also so nice to know that this life is just a step on our way to living with our Father in Heaven again. It makes the small things we go through like worrying about money and small things like that seem very trivial. The only things that matters is coming to know our savior and having faith in him and striving to be the best we can be. I know if we do this that everything will work out for us. I have been having some great experiences with Elder Mackey learning and teaching the plan of salvation. We really teach well together, and have been able to teach some powerful lessons. I love all the guys in my district. :)
Another cool thing we had was the devotional last night. There is no way the Book of Mormon isn't true. They have 60-70 pages of the original manuscript of the Book of Mormon in the Church archives. The ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT. Handwritten by Oliver Cowdry as dictated by Joseph SMith. The Gettysberg address was revised 5 times and it is only two paragraphs, and was written by an educated man (Lincoln). The Book of MOrmon is 531 pages long, and had no revisions made. THis can be seen in the original manuscript mentioned above. There is no way that an uneducated man could produce a book 531 pages long, strait through in 70-80 days, and not revise it at all with out the power of God. The Book of Mormon was translated by the power of God and is revelation from God. I know its true.
What else has been going on..... OH, we have an hour of gym every day. Thats always a blast :)... BUt not a whole lot is new. This will be my last email until I am in Jamaica. We leave Tuesday the 13th at 3 a.m. And then we'll be in Jamaica at like 4 p.m. I am so stoked!!!!! :) :) So as of like Friday... Write to the Jamaica address rather than the MTC one. I love everyone!! Thanks for the letters :) Write me lots! and sorry if i don't have time to write you. JUst check on here to follow how i am doing and keep writing me. I'll try and write, but I'm very busy. Love Everyone
Elder Kraus

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