Monday, December 19, 2011

Less Me and much more You

Hey everyone!!

not much time this week...but so much went on!!!

Chavelle's baptism on Saturday was amazing!! Tons of member support... When everyone was singing the hymns, it sounded like a choir of angels... :) She brought a lot of her roomates and things to church Sunday as well for her confirmation, and we are teaching them now as well... :) Oh and Asheesh, Kadine's son from Old Harbour, got baptized this Friday!! Woot woot!! :) Everyone is doing amazing!!! Pretty much life here is bumpin!! We're working with tons of way cool people, and doing work!! My mission is moving way too fast!! ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, we drove out to Negril to do a trade off with the elders there, and on the way back, we stopped in Santa Cruz, and got to say hi to Felicia and her family, (Rose Renaldo Wiggi and Ackeeliah... :) It was awesome to see them, and they were way pumped to see me...

Ahh... I wish I had more time this week because a lot of amazing things happened.. but time is short... So just a short spiritual thought will have to do... There is a song called "More" by Kenneth Cope... (if you haven't listened to it... you should!!)... and a line that I love from it is.."less me, and much more you" (referring to Christ)... So that is my challenge.... This Christmas... find a way to make it less about me... (or you) haha... and much more about Christ!! One thing I've discovered is that you will have the greatest Christmas ever by making somebody elses amazing.. :) Serve!!!!! haha Everyone have an amazing Christmas and do your very best to make it about Christ!!

One Love!!! Feliz Navidad!!!

Elder Kraus

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful exhortation to serve Elder Kraus!! I know you understand and have found the joy that can only come from thinking less of ourselves, and more of Jesus Christ. Have a beautiful Christmas!!