Monday, April 2, 2012

Blessing Kylie Rose & Anita's baptism

Hey Everyone!!

This week was incredible!! Starting with last Sunday....:) We've been working with a member here who's been inactive for quite a while.. and she's been coming back for about a month and a half now.. :) and last Sunday she had her baby Kylie Rose blessed.. and asked me and Elder Hoffman to participate in the baby blessing... It was such a neat experience.. I'm pretty sure I wanna name my first daughter Kylie Rose haha.. such a pretty name!!

Second highlight: We did a trade off with the Kingston zone leaders this week, and I was with Elder Forde in their area...and honestly, the day started off pretty rocky... We had 2 appointments in a zinc ghetto (August Town) and both of them fell through, so there we were with 2 hours to go street contacting.. and it was raining haha.. well.. we went to work and started talking to people.. and the second guy we talked to ended up being awesome!! He was working on fixing a computer, so we went up and started talking to him about it, and eventualy tied it into religion and he asked a perfect question.. He said, "I have one question when it comes to religion that nobody has been able to answer yet..... " He read to us John 10:16 where Jesus says that he has other sheep which are not of this fold and that He'd bring them also and they'd hear His voice... and then asked.. "what is he talking about here?" We both got very excited and taught him about the Book of Mormon and how it was a another testament of Jesus Christ from the people who lived on this side of the world.. We taught him that Christ came and visited them after his resurrection and we read 3 Nephi 15:21 with him.. where Christ tells the Nephites that they are they of whom he said "other sheep I have which are not of this fold" .. :) It was an incredible experience.. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon fill the gaps that typical Christianity and the Bible leave.. Jesus Christ full gospel is here.. 100% truth... And I love testifying of that...

Highlight 3: Sister Segree gave me a jackfruit.. which is like an alien pod that is amazing!!! look up pics of it on google.. haha.. It looks weird but tastes incredible!!

Fourth Highlight: General Conference was incredible!! I know that those who spoke really are called of God to be leaders in His kingdom.... I felt the spirit testify so to me during the whole conference... :) There were so many incredible talks.. Many which applied directly to those we're teaching... One thing that I'm excited to try from now on... was in the April Liahona.. It said that the most recent conference ensign should be right next to our standard works and we should study it accordingly... I'm excited to get the most out of all the talks.. ::)

Last but certainly not least.. ANITA GOT BAPTIZED!! :) Originally, we had set a baptism date of March 31st with her... but she wanted a little more time, and moved it to April 30th... .. She's been coming to church every week for about a month and a half now.. and knows its true, but just wanted a bit more time to learn everything... well.. recently the branch started holding family home evening on Tuesday nights, and Anita came on Tuesday and played a big role in it... There was so much fun and love there from all the members, and it was really cool to see her being so involved and loved.. :) Wednesday we got a text from her saying that she wanted to do it this Sunday.. :) She passed her baptism interview and the baptism was incredible!! She asked me to baptize her and we had the service Sunday morning at 9.... (we told everyone 9 so that they'd be there by 9:30 haha.. they're running on JST (Jamaican Standard time.... about 30 min late ha)....)... Well, we showed up at 8:35 to prepare everything and saw the most wonderful sight... Anita was already standing at the gate in her dress eagerly waiting for us... :).. The service was great. and there was a lot of member support... Members came with us to almost every lesson we had with her as we were teaching her, and Honestly I think that made the biggest difference.... Feeling the love of the members..... This is Jesus Christ's church and as members we all need to show and feel the love He would feel for each of God's children... :) Never underestimate the power of simply loving someone. At the baptism, Anita bore her testimony, and i wish everyone could be there to see the joy.. She simply exclaimed, "I'm So HAPPY!!" It was an incredible weekend richly filled with the Spirit of the Lord... I love this gospel and I love playing a part in the Lord's work..

Everyone have an amazing weekend and don't forget to be reviewing and studying the conference talks over the next 6 months.. and don't forget.. this gospel is about LOVE!!

One Love!!

Elder Kraus
(ps.. the last picture is me with Nardia and Kylie Rose)..

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