Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pure zone conferences!!

Hey Everyone!!

This week was pure zone conferences!!  We drove to Ochi on Tuesday and did their zone conference, did Kingston and Spanish Towns together in Kingston on Wednesday, and then the fun began.. Before we get to that though.. Wednesday after zone conference, the Smiths (the senior couple in the office) had us over for dinner to meet their landlady in a casual setting.. :) It was awesome!! (Sister Smith is a great cook!!) and before we left, they asked the landlady if she would like us to come and share more about the church with her and she agreed.. :)  It was really awesome... Moral of the story.. have your friends and the missionaries over for dinner so we can get to know them!!  THey need the gospel in their lives!  

Wednesday night, we stayed the night at the mission home (HOT WATER AND AC woot woot!!), and got up early Thursday morning to catch our flight to Grand Cayman to do zone conference there.. We stayed the night there and then flew to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos on Friday (passing through the motherland in Miami!)  did zone conference Saturday, went to church there Sunday, and flew to Nassau, Bahamas after church.. We did their zone conference Monday, and flew back to Jamaica Monday night.. .. It was quite a trip.. but zone conferences are done now!!  I'm really excited to see all our friends here in Kingston again... :)  My favorite island is Cayman I think.. Turks has the most beautiful water, but the island is just dead and brown... Nassau is really nice as well.. It was a pretty legit week though.. Flying is exhausting for some reason!!  I'm really happy to be home.. 

Somethin pretty cool though, at church on Sunday, a tourist couple was there in Turks and Caicos.. and I found out that the lady grew up in the ward my family moved to, and that her parents and family still live there.. :)  So we were able to talk about Iowa and she told me what its like.. Small world!!  I got a picture with them before we left.. THeir last name is Thrap I think.. She said she has a brother, Steven, who is serving a mission somewhere too.. So.. I'll be seeing them when I get back.. :)  Crazy!!  

Well.. Time is up.. but everyone have an incredible week!! 

One Love!!

Elder Kraus

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