Monday, September 13, 2010


k... well last week, i don't remember a whole lot, but i served for 3 days in linstead on a trade off with a really cool guy named elder montgomery. he has only been out for like a week. and i was way impressed with him for taking charge of his area after only a week. it was quite the adventure. we did find our way around an started to get to know the area pretty well by the end. but there are some way cool people in linstead. haha... i had fish for the first time in jamaica there, and it was rough.... lol.. they don't skin the fish or take the head off or anything here.. they just fry it up and give it to you.. so ya, that was an interesting dinner, oh, and then she gave us these mangos that were huge!! it was awesome!! they were so big!!! bigger than both my hands together... it was amazing!! best fruit i've had since i've been here. we met this guy named sheldon too.. he was really cool... he invited us over to teach him a lesson and he made me a sweet dancehall cd, but i won't be listening to that for two years. haha but he is a dj... so he made me one..i was pretty happy. oh and i got a machete to help people chop yard. i'll try to send pictures next week.

this week was awesome too... crap my time is up, but i'll email this week next week lol...

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