Monday, October 11, 2010

Mud..... Rugby!!

Hey everyone!! Life this week was quite the adventure. Right now, we are struggling to find people that are really interested in the gospel, so we have been doing a lot of tracting to find new people to teach, but tracting here is a little different than in most places. haha.. here we don't knock doors... everyone here has gates that they keep locked around there house.. so what we do is stand at the gates and yell... if someone is home.. they'll either come out and talk to us.. or think we're CIA and tell us that nobody is home haha.. It's quite the experience.. Or.. we ride around and look for people that need help doing things and stop and see if we can help them. We found one lady pushing a shopping cart up a big hill, so we stopped, and i pushed the cart up the hill for her, and talked to her.. and now we are teaching her... so little things like that.. little acts of service have been a great way to find people that are interested in the gospel.. Here, they are usually just interested to see why two white men are in Jamaica helping them do things haha.. The reason its been tough lately though, is because its been raining a lot since i've been here (every day), and when its raining, people will not come out and talk to you...So that makes talking to people pretty much non existant... but, the rain did lead to one good thing.

On Saturday, it started raining really hard when we got in for dinner, and i wasn't really hungry, so i was looking out the window and saw 4 kids about our age playing rugby in this mud field haha... so i decided to go and play with them.. It was so fun!! They were pretty excited for me to come play, because they think that white boys are pretty worthless at everything.. so they put me on a team with three people and we played the other two kids... ... after one goal they switched up the teams and it was me and one of them verse the other three.. :) we dominated!! THey couldn't tackle me haha.. and at the end, it turned into like a wrestling match kinda... it was still rugby but it was like throw the ball.. then a huge free for all.. then whoever was left standing would run and get it and score.. my wrestling experience came in handy.. and we had a blast!.. Right before i left, one of the kids was like "well next time you have to come when i'm not worn out already haha"... But it was a lot of fun... none of them were really interested in the gospel.. but now we have some respect built up, so they won't chat us anymore..

One of my favorite things about May Pen though so far is the members. They're awesome!! I am already starting to love some of them. :) We have dinner with members on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.. and we have a lunch appointment on Sunday too. :) Its great!! Jamaican food is so good.. rice and peas is amazing!! I love it :).. On Sunday, we went to lunch at the Sterlings, and then right when we were about to leave, it started rainging so hard!! So we were trapped there.. but we passed the hour by singing all our favorite songs. haha.. we had a lot of fun together. then we rode to the Weirs and had dinner with them.. It was nice.. Usually what people here do is make us plates of food and then give it to us and leave us to eat alone.. But at the Weir's they made a bunch of food, put it all in the middle and sat down and ate with us.. It was great! :) I loved sitting down and talking with them. They are amazing people. Oh and our Monday (pday) tradition here is to go to Juicy patties, and get lunch, then to play a game of pool.. Its been fun :) but time is short.. so til next week.. :)... keep writing me as usual, I appreciate it!!
With love Elder KRaus

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