Monday, October 25, 2010

The Power of Prayer, /Gotta Love wrestling!

Hey everyone! This week went pretty well. :) First off, we cooked and are still cooking Jamaican style this week. :) It is so much cheaper and better than how i have been eating up to this point.. I skinned 5 pounds of chicken at the start of the week, and we made Brown Stew Cicken and Curry chicken, and had it with dumpling and some other stuff throughout the week.. It was amazing!! We're doing it again for sure this week. I'm gonna be able to live super cheap easily when i go to college haha.. This week it rained a lot and we had some pretty intense lighting and thunder storms... at one point a canal flooded the streets and me and Elder Knowlton found ourselves biking through basically a river down the street. The water covered our shoes as we were pedaling... definately an adventure. :)

On Friday, Elder Knowlton needed to go to the doctor for something, so we had to travel to Mandeville. We got on a bus (big van), and it took 45 minutes to get enough passengers to leave!! but we finally got going around like 3.... The doctor closed at 4:30 and we thought that it was only gonna be a 45 min drive, but... halfway there, the bus's front tire popped, so they unloaded us all off the bus so that they could change the tire. But when they went to get the spare... it was also flat haha great planning on their part. So we ended up stranded in the middle of nowhere for like 30 min. while the driver hitched a ride back to the nearest gas station to fill the spare up with air. This big rasta man with some huge dreds entertained us by conducting traffic and smoking a spliff haha By the time he got back it was 4:15, and we ended up missing the doctor. So we had to taxi strait back to May Pen.. what a waste of time!! But it happens So the next day we had to go again... and everything went smoothly. :) But it was quite the adventure.

Oh also, the Friday night activity this week was amazing!!.. So, last week, one of guys in the branch about my age asked me if he could borrow 500 Jamaican so i made him a bet that if he could take me down in wrestling, (I'd give him 3 two minute tries), then i'd give him 500 Jamaican.. but if he couldn't he had to make me a CD of his favorite music... so, all his friends heard about it, and wanted in too.. so i agreed. This week it went down. :).. I wrestled 7 of them.. one at a time in my church clothes haha... by the end, i was so exhausted that I couldn't lift my arms.. but they all owe me a CD (which i can't listen to until i get home :(... but thats life)... so ya, that was a blast!!! My clothes got so dirty!.. but i figure that i can just keep that shirt as my wrestling shirt if i can't get the stains out.. .. They were all pretty impressed with me by the end because they couldn't take me down, and hopefully we can start teaching some of them (only some of them were members) because we are all pretty tight now, and they don't think we're stuck up white boys any more lol... This computer's usb ports are all broken, so i'll send a picture of me after all the wrestling along with our sweet map next week when i use a computer with good usb ports.

We have been praying pretty hard this week for some of our investigators, and the other day, we saw the results of our prayer. We have been teaching a lady named Novia (she's about 20 years old)... and really her hang ups were that she didn't want to take out her piercings (she had a lip one, and multiple in her ears).. and she didn't want to get married (her and her boyfriend are living together for 4 years now and have a really cute baby girl).. but she had prayed and knew that what we shared was true, she just didnt' really feel ready to make the change... So we prayed really hard that she would be strengthened and inspired by God to do whats right, and this week, we went to have a lesson with her, and her piercings were gone and she told us she wants to get married so she can be baptized!! It was awesome! :) I know with all my heart that God answered our prayer. I am starting to recognize his hand in everything we do more and more often, as I slowly learn to be a better missionary. I'm so happy that i am here serving a mission, because I really can recognize the change that it's making in my life. I know the power and change that this gospel can bring in peoples lives and i'm so grateful that I have had the opportunity to serve a mission. It really is shaping the rest of my life. But, the time soon finish.. so til next week, :)


Elder Kraus

ps.. keep writing!! I love the letters :)

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