Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rain & Candlelight

Hey everyone! Dang, well this week has been all over the place. We started out the week really well, and met with some awesome people! :) Then it started raining on Tuesday morning, and rained all day (by the time we came in at night we were soaked to the bone (but still not cold haha)) and the power and water shut off at about 10 oclock. So, we just went to bed. We woke up the next morning, and it was still raining!! and still no power or water. (so we took bucket showers again haha :)) gotta love those, and then at ten in the morning we got a call from the assistants saying that there were flash flood warnings everywhere, so they told us to stay in for the day. I never realized how little we have to do if we don't go teaching until that day. haha.. I read all of 2nd Nephi and some of Jacob from the book of mormon and then got pretty tired, so i took a nap, when i woke up it was only like 3!! So me and Elder Ashton were trying to think of something to do, when we found an old chess set lying around:). so we played like 6 games of chess, but we soon discovered that chess wasn't really one of his many skills, so he got bored of that pretty fast, and we were stuck with nothing to do again..so i took another nap, and when i woke up it was dark out (only like 7 oclock though) so i got a candle and studied from the book of mormon until like 10 by candle light (it was fun, no matter how old i get, i think using a candle will always make things more exciting)... and then crashed.. keep in mind, its still raining and still no power or water.

The next day, it was still raining, and we heard that a flash flood had wiped out a bridge and like 7 houses in the mountains by Porty, and the assistants called us and told us to stay in again. So we had another day very similar to Wednesday... and then in the evening, the power finally turned back on!!! Still no water, but we had stored a lot in these five gallon barrels, so we were doing fine... but long story short, it finally stopped raining sometime during the night, and the water came back on, and we got to go teaching again on Friday, which is also the day we got transfer calls. We both thought that Elder Ashton would be getting transferred and that i would be staying, but the opposite ended up being true. I was being transferred to May Pen, and Elder Ashton was training again. I had really mixed feelings about it, because the past few weeks, we had really been struggling with investigators and finding good people, and then last week, everything finally started to come together and we had like 6 really solid people we were teaching, so i was really sad to find out that right when everything was finally coming together, i was getting moved, but i know the people there are in good hands. Elder Ashton's a champion. OH and i was also sad to leave, because i really just started to love everyone in Porty. It was feeling like home.... but i'm also very excited to be serving here in May Pen and meet new people :)... I love and hate change :)..

Saturday and Sunday, we watched conference all day, which was amazing!!! If you didn't see or hear all of it, i would highly recommend doing so. And then after conference, The Highgate missionaries, who watched conference with us in Porty, drove us to highgate where we spent the night.... to describe that night, i'm just gonna write my journal entry from Monday morning haha....
"Well right now, its 1:16 in the morning. I can't sleep. its freezing here!! (it was actually only like 65 degrees.. but i was freezing!!). Me and Elder Ashton are sleeping on the hard cold tile floor (actually he laid down the ironing board and is sleeping on that haha i wish i would have though of it first, cuz it looked much more comfortable)... But i think there is a huge party going on right outside the apartment because there is music blaring!! Ya, its gonna be a long night. Oh, and i woke up with a cockroach on my leg! Gross!! but no worries, he didn't live to see tomorrow. It took me 10 minutes, but i finally found and destroyed him.
Wooo!! ITs finally 6:30. :).... glad that night is over."

haha yup.. it was quite the adventure... but monday was transfer days, and now i'm in May Pen. I'm serving with Elder Knowlton. He seems like he's going to be really fun to serve with. We are in a 4 man house.. so thats also really fun :)... but my time is short... so i have to go... oh, one cool thing about here.. is that juicy patties has a pool table!! P-day just got better haha... But all is well in Jamaica... Keep the faith... and keep writing me :)
Elder Kraus

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