Monday, November 22, 2010

Caterpillar graveyard!

Hey everyone! This week was good. Fairly uneventful, but good. :) We had a lot of good lessons with people, and time went pretty fast. Friday was probably the best day. For like the first or second time since my mission started, all of our plans worked out!! All of the people we had planned to meet with were home, and it was really nice. We went up to visit Michael and Novia (some really cool investigators we met a while ago) again, and helped michael de-caterpillar his tomatoe plants.. haha we had a massive caterpillar graveyard by the time we were done, and he gave us some cherry tomatoes. :) it was sweet!! Then we had a really good plan of salvation lesson. THey understand really well, and are pretty excited about it. After meeting with them, we went to Friday Night Activity. There was a basketball tournament, and me, Elder Paulson, and Elder Knowlton made a team, and we are now the court champions. :) It was a lot of fun.. We're gonna have to hold our title next week.. so that should be an adventure, because we barely scraped by with a victory this week. haha.. But ya, it was a really good week, and things are going really well here. I'm gonna send more pictures this week so i'm gonna wrap this up, cuz pictures take a while. :) enjoy! Elder Kraus ps keep writing me!! I love the letters :)

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  1. So glad you had a good week. I'm glad you are finding ways to stir up a little friendly competition at church. I bet the families love you and enjoy your positive spirit. We are so grateful for your sacrifice by serving the Lord at this time. You are a great missionary.