Monday, November 8, 2010

It was really a Faith building week!

Hey everyone!! Life in Jamaica is rockin along. :) haha we had quite the week. On Tuesday, we were riding our bikes out to a dinner appointment like a 20 min ride from our house, and I got a flat tire like 3/4 of the way there, so we walked to the appointment, and then afterwords made the walk back.. but since we were walking instead of biking, it took us an hour instead of 20 min.... so that was pretty exciting. haha, and a crazy rasta rode by us most of the way and talked to us about things that made absolutely no sense at all.. it was a riot!... When we got back to the house, i took the tire off, patched it up, and put it back on the bike, but when i started to pump it up, i found out that it was still going flat for some reason.. so i took it off, and found that the hole was a little bigger than i thought it was, so i took the old patch off, and redid the whole process with a bigger patch.. and stuck the tire back on the bike to pump it up again.. and.... it still went flat.. by now i was ticked!! lol so i took the tire off again (the back tire.. so its not a super easy process and i was getting really greasy) and took the tube out, and found that the whole was so big that the patch wasn't strong enough to hold back all the air rushing out... it blew a bubble in the patch which popped... so ya.. after all that, i just ended up having to get another tube.. haha it was an exciting night.. Wednesday wasn't too eventful, except we did a trade off with all the Elders in the house. I served a bit with Elder Jones, and a bit with Elder Poulsen.. they're both really cool guys.. it was nice to get to know them a little better. Nothing to report Thursday.. except the axle and two baskets (the stuff on the inside of the wheel) on my back tire broke so i took that in and had to get that fixed... Friday, we started to ride, and my back wheel was wobblin all over again, so i took it back to the bike man (we're pretty much regular's with him haha) and he looked at it and the axle and baskets were all messed up again so he fixed it up again.. i have a good rep with him though so he did it for free this time cuz he said it shouldn't have broken.. .. so once we got that fixed, we rode out to mineral heights (a place like a 20 min ride from our house) to see a new investigator, and when we got there he told us he had some work to do so we were gonna have to reschedule haha a phone call woulda been nice... but whatev... no worries.. so made the ride back .. and taught some other people in May Pen town.. Saturday, Elder Knowltons shoes finally broke, so we took them to the market to get some new bottoms put on, oh and i started teaching a kid named Johnathan piano, so thats exciting :) Its kinda tough with no books, but i'm becoming a master at drawing notes and staffs and stuff haha.. .. but after a tough week, everything came together Sunday. :) We talked with Queenie, and she decided to get baptized this Friday!! She's super excited! and I'm way stoked for her. Even though it was a pretty tough week, I am super happy.... Its amazing how just the tiniest bit of success brings so much joy. :)
It was really a faith building week. I feel like Heavenly Father was testing us to see if we would keep working hard when it seemed like everything was going wrong, and he blessed us because we did. :) Sometimes being a missionary blows, but when things come together it makes everything worth it :) but my time is short.. so keep writing me, and i'll talk to ya next week
Nuff Love
Elder Kraus

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