Monday, November 15, 2010

This week was great!!

Hey everyone!! This week was great!! Monday we had family home evening with a family here, and me and Elder Knowlton were in charge of the lesson and activity; for the activity we played the flour game. :) Its where you put a mound of flour on a plate (well packed) and set a coin or candy or something on top. Then everybody takes turn cutting away the sides, and whoever makes the coin or candy fall, has to get it out with their mouth!! It was a blast! and they loved it. :) If you've never played the flour game, definately do it.. it gets a lot of laughs.. just don't plan on staying clean. haha.. On Tuesday, we biked like a billion miles due to some bad directions and we ended up nowhere near where we were supposed to be.. we made it to the top of this huge hill though and it had a sweet view. haha Eventually though we found the guy who was very frustrated with us.. because we can't follow directions.. really it was his fault though cuz the directions were terrible!! But we apologized, and it was good from there. :) Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning, and Elder Mackey did a trade off with Elder Jones, so he was here. It was awesome to get to see him again. Him and Elder Kartchner from my mtc district are both in my district right now.. Its sweet!! I get to see them every Wednesday. ... Thursday, we had a lesson with Queenie to go over the baptism interview questions and teach her the word of wisdom. She is so amazing!! We were reading from Doctrine and Covenants section 89 and the part where it says "neither meet in the sight of your Father" kinda confused her.. she said, "well, I really love meat, but if I'm not supposed to eat it, I'll stop." haha we cleared it up for her and explained that it was just saying those other things aren't ok in the sight of God.. but it was awesome to me that she would just stop eating meat, just like that. She has a really solid testimony of the gospel. Friday was basically flawless!!! Everything went perfectly, and Queenie got baptized. It was a really great service and the spirit was really strong. I gave the talk on baptism, and Elder Knowlton talked on the Holy Ghost. She was really nervous, and Satan started putting doubts into her head last second, but she prayed, and felt comforted and said it was a really great experience. I'm still in awe at the change that she went through. Her countenance is completely changed from when we first met her. The Book of Mormon has so much power!! Also, Friday was Elder Jones' two year mark. The tradition here is that at 6 months, you burn a tie, 1 year a shirt, 1 year and 6 months a pair of pants, and 2 years a whole outfit (shirt pants and tie).. So Friday night Elder Jones burned the whole outfit.. it was sweet!! :) I'm stoked for when I get to burn something. haha Saturday, I taught Johnathan piano, and then we did service for Mama-P.. we sanded, cleaned and started to paint the windows.. basically.. we're champion painters now :).. We didn't get to finish though so we had to put all the stuff away and clean it.. its gonna be a pain to get it all out again.. I now understand why once my mom would start painting, she'd work til it was finished.. even if it took all night!! Its much easier just to do it and then put it away.. ya.. but after that.. we fixed our bikes so we could ride to our appointments, and my bike looks awesome now!! Last P-day I sanded it down and cleaned it, then took it apart and sprayed the frame silver cuz it was super rusty and has to last two years.. then Saturday I put some new brakes on and basically its my pride and joy now haha.. I figure if I take good care of it, it'll last for two years. So, we'll see. :) Sunday Queenie received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and was confirmed a member of the church, and in Sacrament meeting, since it was Elder Jones' last Sunday, Me, Elder Knowlton, and him, sang pg. 334 "I need thee every hour" (we'd practiced throughout the week to get the harmonies right).. I sang the baritone part, Elder Knowlton sang the melody, and Elder Jones did the tenor.. it was really fun.. and I think it sounded pretty good. :) Transfer calls came today, and to my relief, I'm staying in May Pen.... Elder Jones is the only one leaving.. and Elder Walker is coming to take his place.. I haven't met him yet. This next transfer has thanksgiving and Christmas!! Its gonna be sweet, and I'm really happy that I get to spend it here. I'm really lovin it. :) But, my time is short.. so til next week. Elder Kraus

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