Monday, December 13, 2010

Love Tang & B.B. Jersey's

Hey everyone!! This week went pretty well... I don't have much time.. cuz today was packed, but here's a little update.. Tuesday, we finally met with Queenie's husband Carlos and he opened up a ton, because we found his passion... food!! (the size of his belly should have given that away.. but we didn't notice til now haha).. When we started talking about food, his face lit up, and i guess he loves cooking!! We talked for a while and before we left he gave me a bunch of herbs and stuff to make tea in the morning and made us a meal... that was the interesting part.. It was good flavor.. except the main course was ... fish head!! only the head, nothing else.. so ya, i choked it down and then when i thought i was finished, i told him i loved it, and he said, "you didn't finish the best part...." so yes, i also ate the eyes.. basically it was...... an adventure haha definately dining gourmet out here :) Weednesday morning, i made the herb tea (which has a name i can't put on here... lol).. and it was... gross!! but it cleaned me out for sure.. just like it was supposed to haha.... gotta love it.. the whole house smelled terrible the rest of the day from the tea... oh and i have found my newest love.... TANG!! they have so many different flavors out here and its amazing!! One more funny thing, an investigator asked us what latter day saints meant... and when we explained she said, "oh, so its just saying... The Church of Jesus Christ.. nowadays" :) it made us funny, but its right.. the church on the earth today is the same church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth and anciently in the old testament.. its nothing new. Thursday I taught piano again, and finished my jersey at lunch (since we are the friay night activity basketball champions, we decided to make jerseys... :) so ya, here they are... basically, its my best work yet... :)... Friday, we fulfilled our jersey's purpose and rocked the court 4 games to 1 :) shooter was there with her original squad and they were impressed because we keep getting better and better... hopefully we'll start teaching them soon.. ...Oh, and I got a call from President Hendricks on Friday and he told me that I am the new district leader... I'm way nervous, but hopefully with the Lord's help, I'll be able to do a good job..... Elder Mackay and Kartchner from my MTC group are in our district so now, i'll get to do trade off's with them.. so that should be way fun!! :) Saturday we also had a pretty good day... :) We are still teaching Mobrey, and she was kinda getting bored with the BOok of Mormon, she said that it was just pure good.. nothing exciting.. so we read the story of ammon chopping the arms off with her, and she loved it!! :) she said she's gonna read all of Alma now haha.. but i wish i had more time,. but its run out.. so til next week. :) Elder Kraus


  1. Dustan,

    I love reading your blog each week. You are really growing in to a fine young man. I am very proud of you and your accoomplishments. Congratulations on your new position as District Leader. I know that the call was inspired by God and he will be there to help you every step of the way.

    I love Tang too. right now I am having a Hot cup of tang with my oatmeal. I have also eaten fish head and the eyes. In Hawaii my inlaws were grilling the tuna eyes right on the grill, when you chomp down on them they gush like gushers just not as sweet. Keep trying new things, it will either impress your friends later in life or gross them out. Either way it is fun.

    Love always,
    Uncle Todd