Monday, December 6, 2010

Service for Sister Sterling

Hey Everyone!! Life here is going pretty good. This week went well for us. Monday was a pretty normal day, nothing too eventful, I've definately come to love Mondays though.. The family home evenings rock!! :) Tuesday was pretty good for us (I had Elder Walker cut my hair in the morning before studies... it actually doesn't look to bad haha), but a rough day for the other Elders. We woke up in the morning and after studies went to get our bikes.. and both their helmets were on the ground, minus their bikes.... So ya, both their bikes got stolen. :( Thats the second one for Elder Poulsen!! Someone must not like him.. cuz our bikes haven't been touched and they were nicer than theirs.. But on the bright side.... we found the lock kinda by the fence!!! sawed in half haha... so it was definately planned... so sadly they'll never see their bikes again and are walking now.. they reported it to the police, but they don't do squat here... Basically, its gonna be a way long transfer for them. Walking here would be rough!! Oh, also Tuesday morning we did some service for sister sterling (we weeded and created her a flower bed haha)... It was .. very hot, and i got some new tanlines!! :) woooo!! Wednesday was pretty good... nothing too eventful.. I got proposed to a few times, and asked some other stuff... but nothing too out of the ordinary. :) Basically the rest of the week was a pretty normal week. I'm out of time for now, sorry.. next weeks will be longer.. Love Everyone!! Elder Kraus

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