Monday, December 20, 2010

Pick Pocketed

Hey everyone!!

I'm gonna start off with last Monday. There is a golf course in Spanish town, and the Elders there did service for them, so they got an invite to golf for free and they invited us!! So Monday morning, we got ready early and left out to go golfing. :) The bus we were on was way crowded and we were standing in the aisles packed like sardines... The guy behind me, asked me if i could turn sideways so he could get off, and he got off the bus.. Our stop was a few minutes later, and when we got off the bus, i reached in my pocket to feel for my wallet and ... ya, it wasn't there anymore.. The guy picked me when he was getting off. :( I didn't feel a thing either!! I'm way impressed with his pick pocket skills, cuz i seriously didn't feel a thing.. the bus was way crowded though and everyone was really pressed up against each other, so that prolly helped him, but ya, it was a great start to the day haha.. I had my license, temple recommend, mission credit card, and $9000 Jamaican cash in it... cuz i was planning on buying the next two weeks worth of groceries... so it was a little rough.. but its only money i guess.. so no worries. So it go i guess. The rest of the day was ok.. we got to golf, and the course was way nice!! It was super fun, and I only lost 2 balls!! haha.. I'm not so good on the golfing, but it was coming along towards the end.. when we were almost finished President Hendricks surprised us, and showed up to talk to Elder Knowlton about some stuff, and it worked out great because he gave us a ride back to May Pen (I don't know how we would have gotten back otherwise because I had 0 dollars on me lol) ... So ya, it was an up and down day... started bad... got good. :)

Tuesday, went well, We met with Novia, who possibly might be moving out of her boyfriend Michael's yard to live in St Thomas with her family there so that she can be baptized... She was there over the weekend and visited the church in St. Thomas and really liked it, so she is still working on making a final decision on whether she wants to get married or move out. Wednesday was sweet!! I am the district leader now, so I taught district meeting and then went on a trade off in Old Harbor with Elder Mackay (my mtc companion).. it was so sweet to serve with him!! I would love to serve a whole transfer with him sometime.. he's a great guy! Oh, and the house in Old Harbor had hot water!! so I got to take a hot shower for the first time since being to Jamaica.. I forgot how nice it was to be able to hop in the shower and not get a big shock from icy water. :) Basically the house there is way stush. The rest of the week was pretty normal.. We had a lot of good lessons with people, and Saturday we did service for a guy who's house burnt down. It was really fun, we spent the morning on the roof ripping burnt boards out of the concrete and helping him basically tear all the burnt stuff down. In the evening, I taught Jonathan piano again, and he's actually doing really well despite me having to teach him without any books.. but i've written him a couple songs to practice and he's getting it down. :) Sunday was pretty good, and I'm really coming to enjoy how relaxing church is. :) Its really nice to sit back and listen to other people teach and talk and just relax...

So ya, things here are going well.. I'm way excited for Christmas coming up... mostly I'm excited to get to talk to my family... But time is short... Everyone have an amazing Christmas!!!


Elder Kraus

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