Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Hey everyone!! Its been a couple weeks, and its gonna be impossible to truly update you on the past couple weeks, but i'll do what i can haha. First things first... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! and a late MERRY CHRISTMAS :) :) :) hope everyone had a good time and ate nuff food. Teaching has been good for the past couple weeks. Both Novia's are doing amazing, prolly will soon be baptized!! and ya, i'll email more about that next week... i only have a likkle time on email this week, but we're on normal schedule next time, so yes, my blogs will get amazing again next week. :) Transfers happened: Elder Knowlton got moved to Kingston, Elder Poulsen got moved to Spanish Town, and now i'm serving with Elder Lee (he's a way tight Jamaican), and Elder Talbert is here now (he's a pretty cool guy) training a brand new missionary named Elder Ostrin. (its really funny to see how shocked he is at some things that seem pretty normal now... reminded me of when i just got here... i can't believe its already been more that 6 months!!) :) The holidays were sweet!!!! Completely different than normal, but i'm out of time for email this week, so its gonna have to wait til next week.. but definately be here to read next weeks blog.. its gonna be stellar!! nuff love Elder Kraus

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