Monday, January 31, 2011

A Hot Date with My Bicycle

Hey everyone!!
Things here are going pretty well...
First things. A Senior couple came and took us out to lunch the other day and brought mail. :) It was awesome!! I got a couple Christmas packages.. and our investigators loved the cookies and candy that were in them. :) I still love getting mail just as much as ever.
This week started on Tuesday, because of the memorial last week... so our P-day was moved to Tuesday. But it was a pretty eventful P-day. I spent the whole time on a hot date with my bicycle. I completely desembled it, and cleaned everything... replaced broken parts, greased up all the ball bearings and everything that needs grease.. sprayed the frame so it wouldn't rust, and put it all back together... It was a lot of fun, and now it runs like clockwork!! So smooth!! If everything after my mission falls apart, I can always just open a bicycle shop, because I can fix everything on it now haha... but ya, it was a lot of fun. In the evening after P-day we saw Tamara, and she was super solid for her baptism on Saturday..She is like 5 chapters away from finishing the whole Book of Mormon... so awesome! Other than that it was a pretty crappy evening.. haha everyone fell through.. so we roamed the streets looking for people to talk to.. but its pretty hard in the evening hours.. cuz everyone sane in May Pen goes in by like 7 o'clock, because all the bad stuff happens after that.. so it was a great night filled with lots of converstations with crazy people haha.
Wednesday was pretty sweet. I'm really starting to love teaching district meeting.. It was really hard at first, but I'm starting to get better at it, and I don't really feel nervous anymore.. so thats good. After district meeting we went teaching and one of our investigators was picking some ackee... (look it up) to cook ackee and saltfish and needed some help.. so we helped her out by climbing the tree and picking a bunch of the ackee for her.. The best part was she gave us a bunch to take home which we cooked later in the week with saltfish, dumpling and boiled green banana.. it was way nice!! :) So that was pretty fun.. It was way up in the bush that we found her... so going up to teach her is always pretty fun.. even though we always leave with nuff burrs in our pants haha.. Oh and we saw Kerry-Ann again. She is doing awesome!! She is super smart and asks tons of good questions.. She has been praying to find out it was true, but hadn't gotten her answer yet, she said she would keep praying about it though.
On Thursday, when I was outside jump roping in the morning, a teenage guy came up and told me that he wanted to be baptized.. so that was pretty sweet.. we have been trying to meet up with him so we can teach him and see if he was serious.. so hopefully that goes well. :) That was about the only good part of Thursday. The zone leaders came down to do Tamara's interview, but when they got here, she was nowhere to be found... when we went to their house, we found Greg (her husband) pretty upset. He said that she just decided last second not to do it... (her mom and sister keep putting doubts in her).. and ran off and hid from us... so we've been trying to get ahold of her since then so that we can talk to her and find out what her concerns are. ... Greg is really upset though, because he wants them to be able to be sealed in the temple really bad... But I think that she'll come around.. we just need to keep working with her and building her testimony..
The rest of the week was pretty rough.. nearly every appointment fell through, and a lot of the people that we had been working with stopped keeping their commitments. So we have been working really hard to find people that are interested.. Its definately discouraging at times, because it seems like we talk to so many people! But its really hard to find people who are sincerely interested. But, we're continuing to work really hard, and I know that we're gonna find people eventually... :) Even if we go through thousands of people before we find someone interested.. it will be worth it.
Sunday was a missionary Sunday and we all talked in church. Its amazing to me how I still get nervous to speak.. but it went well. We don't really have much time to prepare talks... so i wrote down a few scriptures on the topic I was assigned and talked about it for 15 minutes.... So hopefully it was good...
But ya, things here are going alright... we're definately working on building our number of investigators.. because that seems to be our biggest struggle right now... finding people to teach... but as long as we're working hard, I feel good no matter what happens. :)

So ya,
til next week...

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