Monday, January 17, 2011

Novia's baptism went perfectly!

Hey everyone!! This week was pretty nice. :) There are two really exciting things that happened, but I'll save them for last. :) Tuesday was a pretty normal day, did some teaching and some finding... and all the other aspects missionarywork haha... nothing too eventful... Wednesday was... pretty normal except for this rasta man we talked to.. we were riding our bikes all over up in the mountains in the bush, looking for this house, but we couldn't seem to find it, so we were stopping at like every house we saw to ask if they knew the people and try and teach them... so anyway, we stopped at this rasta man's house to do that, and he had this massive speaker tower!! the music could be heard all over the valley... (one of the songs he was playing was one of my favorite dancehall songs... "nah sell out" by khago...) but anyway, we talked about music for a bit, asked him if he knew the people (he didn't), and then tried to talk to him about the gospel... He instantly took the position of "I've heard all about the Christianity stuff before"... and he clearly wasn't interested, but we asked him what his beliefs were and he taught us for about half an hour... it was kinda a waste of time, but every time we tried to leave, he would say... "nah mon, just a likkle more"... so yes we were stuck there for about 30 min, but some of the things he taught us were pretty..;... interesting? haha it was fun.. He taught us how the world began in Africa, and that the Garden of Eden was in Africa also... and that Adam and Eve were black. THey both got kicked out of the garden because Satan broke the law of chastity with eve, and thats where Cain comes from... (by this point there was no point in trying to reason with him, so we just kinda listened)... Oh, and he told us that he had a painting of Christ and the 12 disciples at the Last Super, but his is the real one.. Christ, and the twelve apostles were all black and all had locks (dreds).. except for Judas... he was a baldie haha... but it was a lot of fun talking with him, and he played us some more music to send us on the way... We never did end up finding the house, until Sunday when we went and looked again, then we found it, but no one was home haha... Thursday was pretty sweet. :) We had zone conference in Kingston, and then President drove us back to May Pen for Novia's baptism, which was supposed to be at 5. .. We waited and waited, and she finally showed up at 6, but said that she had a headache and didn't feel good, and we didn't want her baptism to be a negative experience, so we decided to do it on Friday morning. Friday was nice! :) Novia's baptism went perfectly (thats the fist really exciting thing), and it was a really good service. :) She's awesome! She's gonna be in Florida for a couple months now, so we let her know where the church and things are there, and we're gonna contact the missionaries to keep strengthening her, but she's doing great... She's read up to Helaman now in the Book of Mormon and loves it!! Saturday was ok.. we rode like 45 min. to do service for this guy by helping him tear down his buned house, but when we got there, he wasn't there and wasn't answering his phone... so it was kinda a waste of time.. but i did get to do something I'd always wanted to do... smash a toilet. :) he had a junk pile and there was half a toilet in it, so I used my hammer and hit it and it just shattered... it was awesome!! I've always wondered why destroying things was so much fun.. .haha.. still don't know though . :) Sunday was pretty uneventful.. church was nice. it was a satellite broadcast of a caribbean conference... It was way good. :) After church we had our usual Sunday schedule... lunch with the Sterlings, and dinner with TJ Weir (so good)... with teaching all the rest of the time. We are still working with Novia in racetrack... and her and Damion should be getting married soon. :) She has a baptism date for the 4th of Feb. so hopefully, it can happen before then. :) oh and we are still working with Tamara... She should be getting baptized this coming Saturday if everything works out... she is so cool!! Her husband Greg is such a cool guy. He's a recent convert, and we hardly have to teach when we go over there.. Tamara is also doing really well on her Book of Mormon reading.. She has been reading every day and is up to the middle of 3rd Nephi now!! Everyone who will earnestly read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it, WILL be able to find out that this is the true church on the earth again. I have seen it change so many people's lives, and my testimony grows stronger of it every day. I love it!! :) Oh, and to answer some questions.. yes, I am still in May Pen.. still in the 4 man house... there are 4 missionaries here, and we all go everywhere... we don't really have areas.. just people we are working with.. we work with our people, and they work with theirs.. being in a 4 man house is way sweet though. :) even though its way cramped, its nice to have a lot more people... makes for a lot more fun. :) Oh, ya, and today, we had a zone p-day in Spanish town.. we played football (of the American type). Our zone vs. the Kingston zone... we played to 20 by 1's and we lost 17 to 20 :( but it was still way fun... oh and i got to wrestle Elder Montgomery... he's a kid in my district that also wrestled in high school.. he's way tight... it was a lot of fun. :) We were both super dirty and grassy afterwords, but it was fun.. cuz everyone was watching.. it was pretty close, but i squeeked out a win :) Ok.. and now for the most exciting news.... I saw a kid with 12 fingers this week!! No joke!! he had 6 on each hand!! How sweet is that!?!? :) but yes, now you are updated on my life... everyone have a great week!!! nuff love Elder Kraus oh and the picture... My S-crank broke in half this week.. pretty epic, so i took a picture of me about to fix it.... :) gotta love it

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