Monday, February 21, 2011

I TURNED 20!!! YAYA... Happy Birthday to me. :)

New companion Elder Brough & wrestling injury :)!
Hey everyone! THings here are going great. :) We had a pretty good week, and time is starting to fly!! I can't believe its already Monday again!.. :) gotta love it Tuesday was pretty much the best day ever!! We had taco tuesday at Cholitos (Kingston almost has everything!! :)) so thats a way fun tradition... Oh, and on the way to there, in the truck, Elder Brough told me that Monday night, I sat strait up and just started talking in my sleep. So it seems like I'm still doing that haha... But ya, Tuesday was way sweet. In the evening, we met with a guy named Mario (tight name huh? :)). He's way cool, and it was an intense lesson! He's way smart, and the first thing that he said to us when we walked in was, "I really hope you guys brought me something good tonight, because if when you leave, I feel the same way as I do now, this is a waste of my time and yours. " then he told us how work was taking all his time and leaving him super stressed out. He is a really awesome guy, and wants time to focus on the important things in life rather than the worldly things but right now, work had him going almost 24/7. So ya, our lesson plan instantly went out the window, and me and Elder Brough both found ourselves pleading with our Heavenly Father to let us know what we needed to share with him and He came through. :) The same conference talk by President Uchdorf in the October 2010 session on slowing down and focusing on the important things in life came to both our minds. But the problem was that neither of us had brought an ensign or liahona, so we didn't really have a way of sharing it with him in detail. But we brought it up anyway, because there we knew there was a reason that the same thing came to both our minds, and miraculously Mario had already downloaded all the October 2010 conference on his laptop, and we were able to listen to the talk from President Uchdorf himself. :) It was really powerful, and applied really well to Mario, and I feel like he was really touched by it. After the talk, we talked for a while about it, and it ended up being a really powerful lesson. I'm way excited to keep meeting with him. He's awesome!! Wednesday... hmmm... I TURNED 20!!! YAYA... Happy Birthday to me. :) It was a pretty good day. We had district meeting in the morning in Yallis, and afterwords The Flakes (an awesome senior couple) had made me a cake, so they brought it out, while all the other Elders sneaked up behind me and floured me... haha.. ya, so I got it twice for my birthday.. but no worries.. :).. It turned into another flour war, and everyone got some.. :) It was way fun.. and the cake was really good. So ya, shout out to the Flakes!! :) After district meeting, we did a trade off with the Boulevard Elders.. I was with Elder Wilson in their area, and Elder Toutai was with Elder Brough in ours... it was a good trade off... We did a lot of finding, oh and I tuned up Elder Toutai's bicycle a bit and got it running much better... it felt good to be on a bike though....... even though I'm starting to love being in a truck haha.. Thursday was a pretty normal day.. We did some service in the morning and chopped some yard, so that was awesome! :) After that we did some more finding without a whole lot of success, but we were able to keep good attitudes and keep talking to as many people as we could.. We traded back at dinner time at the DIlls... pretty much, Sister Dill is awesome!! She feeds us every Thursday, and always brings cake for us at church to get us through... cuz everyone knows we can't get through church without our snacks haha Friday we did a trade off with Portmore. I went with Elder Nelson, and Elder Ostberg came here with Elder Brough.. It was pretty sweet... not really anything eventful happened.. I did a baptism interview for them, so that was pretty sweet. :) But ya, I could go on forever about the minute details of the week, but I feel like that would bore everyone.. .So just know that it was a good week. :) I'm loving being in Kingston, and preaching the gospel. Recently in my scripture study, I have been going through the Doctrine and Covenants, and They are awesome!! There is so much missionary stuff in there. McDonalds nailed it... "I'm lovin it!!" :) We read with an investigator from the Book of Mormon the other day, and I realized how much I miss it.. I'm way excited to get started with it again.. so i'm blazin through D&C.. haha... But I'm really enjoying it. I know that if you want to have an awesome day, and really feel the spirit, start it out with some scripture study.. It's AWESOME!! Oh, and mom, I got the valentines day/birthday package.. and loved it!! :) thank you.. haha I think the best part was the pack of almond joys.. funny thing is, that I got the package on Friday.. and they are already all gone. :) I crammed those babies down. :) Oh one more funny thing, I was talking with Elder Brough, and found out his little brother is serving in the Toulouse France mission right now..and I told him one of my best friends is serving there, and we found out they left around the same time, So he started showing me some mtc pictures that his brother sent him, and there was Elder Blakie boy Dortan in the picture with him haha.. so ya... small world... But time is short... Til next week Elder Kraus

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