Monday, February 7, 2011

Transferred to Kingston!

Hey everyone!! This week was pretty crazy. Monday was pretty good... except at the end of the day I started to feel sick with a sore throat and runny nose. I woke up on Tuesday pretty sick with no voice... . and a super runny nose... The funny thing is that Elder Lee got sick same time, and was starting to lose his voice too.. so we sounded pretty funny teaching that day.... Oh and to make the day even more awesome, this weird little tiny bump that recently formed on my lip started bleeding uncontrollably in the morning, and it took all of personal and companion study to get it to stop.. but I got it stopped by 10 so we were able to go out and teach... It wa pretty funny though, because i had one hand putting pressure on my lip, and the other was hoding a tissue up to my nose so it didn't run all over haha... Pretty much the best morning ever. Wednesday was pretty sweet. District meeting went well, and I'm really starting to love teaching it. After District meeting I went to Old Harbor to do a trade off with Elder Mackey (my mtc companion). It was a blast!! I love teaching with him. One funny thing.. was that we were street contacting and started talking to these two ladies in the street... As usual, they turned the topic to... the law of chastity, so we started explaining it, and tying it into our purpose in life.. and suddenly there were like 10 ladies... all about like 25 all around us.. it was kinda creepy... haha they were asking us all these questions.. and by what they were saying, they were clearly just interested in us, and not the message we had, lol... so we got out of there pretty fast.. cuz it felt like we were about to get mugged haha... they had us completely surrounded.. so ya, that was an adventure... One thing that is sweet about the Old Harbor house is that it has hot water!! I showered for so long!! I forgot how addicting warm water is...I was in there for like 30-45 min. just standing there enjoying the hot water... :) so nice... Thursday was pretty uneventful... a pretty solid, normal teaching day.. But Friday was epic!! It was Elder Talberts birthday, and the tradition here on birthdays is to flour the person who's birthday it is... so at friday night activity, i ran out of the church and soaked him with a bucket of water, and elder lee was less than a second behind me with tons of flour... it was sweet!! Everyone thought it was hilarious... Elder Talbert got a good laugh out of it too :).. So that was a good time... Saturday was Elder Lee and Talberts 2 year mark, so they popped some champagne (non-alcoholic of course) and sprayed it all over, and we made a sweet music video... haha... it was pretty epic... that was in the morning before studies.... The day was pretty sweet too. Me and Elder Lee chopped yard for Kerry-Ann and her family for a few hours in the mornng, and my hands are still pretty beat up.. Its super hard work.. But it was nice... Oh and we got some coconuts there to drink too, so that was nice. :).. Other than that, it was a fairly normal teaching day. Things are starting to look pretty good again in the area... We have found quite a few people and have a few people who should soon be baptized... So thats good. :)

Sunday morning transfer calls came.... I'll start with the obvious.. Elder Lee and Talbert are finished, so they are going home.. Elder Ostrin is staying in May Pen, and I'm getting moved to Kingston.. It should be pretty fun. :) Its definately going to be different, because we have a truck.. so my bicycle is gonna get a breather for a while... its kinda inconvenient that i don't have a liscense now, cuz it got stolen w/ my wallet, but oh well... so it goes... but ya, It seems like time is really starting to fly... I can't believe that i've already almost been out for 8 months... its nuts!! My companion is Elder Brough... I've heard pretty good things about him, so I'm pretty excited. I'm really gonna miss May Pen a lot, and I'm going to miss a lot of people here. But I'm excited too.. Same mixed feelings as when I left Port Antonio... I'm especially gonna miss the Sterlings.. They have become my second family :) I love them so much!! Oh, and in the letters I've gotten so far, it seems like there is a little bit of confusion about where i've served so far.. so to recap.. I served in Port Antonio for 3 months with Elder Ashton, and I've been in May Pen now for 4 and a half months with Elder Knowlton, and Elder Lee as the 2 companions. I'm gonna miss Elder Lee a lot. We have gotten to be really good friends... he's way tight... definately someone I'd hang out with after my mission.. .. I loved serving with him... Sorry, i'm kinda just rambling now... but its about that time... So til next week nuff love Elder Kraus oh ya,
and shout out to Garrett today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. Hi! We are the Gardner's, and our son is also serving a mission in the Jamaica Kingston mission. We came across your blog somehow and have loved to look at your son's pictures and read his mission stories. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes we are the Gardners from Wyoming and yes Rulon is Elder Gardner's Uncle. It truly is a small world, my daughter was over at the Call's a few years ago and remembers meeting Elder Kraus. I am so glad that you have pictures on his blog my son tends to not send to many home. Thanks :)