Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet View & Two Chins!!

Hey everyone!! This week has been pretty sweet... :) I can't believe its already Monday again!! Time is cruisin!! Fast and the furious Jamaica drift style haha.. So, P-days here are pretty sweet. We email first, then pick up the Boulevard Elders, eat, and then play 21 (a basketball game, basically everyone vs. everyone to 21).. then get groceries.. and by the time we are done with all that, the day is pretty much finished, and its time to go teaching.. haha gotta love it. :) Tuesday, we did another trade off with the Bouldevard elders, and me and Elder Wilson had a great day!! We were finding all day again, but this time we had lessons with 6 new people, and all 6 wanted to set up return appointments. :) So that was way sweet. I think the best part of the trade off, was that when we got to the house at night, I saw that Elder Toutai had a guitar!! So I got to play for like half an hour before we went to bed... and it was way fun!! :) Definately brought back some good memories. haha.

on the way home from district meeting in Yallahs on Wednesday, we saw this sweet view, so we stopped real fast and took a couple pictures, so that was way sweet.... but brace yourself for the funny part... I was looking at the pictures later, and on my favorite one, I zoomed in to see how my smile was, my head is tilted down a little, and I noticed something below my chin...... ANOTHER CHIN!!! Gross!! so ya, I'm not really sure how that got there but my workout intensity just went up for sure hahaa.. have to get rid of that.. Looks like if I'm not careful, the only thing that will come out of this mission better off is my testimony. :) Sister Dakin, is still doing great, and she is seeming pretty solid for her baptism this coming Saturday, so hopefully all that works out. :). The area seems to be doing pretty great!. One of the days, this week, we went to see a guy who was baptized a few months ago that hadn't been to church since we've been here. When we got there, we went up to the gate and asked for him, but only his grandma was there. She said that he would be back soon though, so we went and waited in the truck for a few minutes, then this guy i a blue shirt passed us, checked to see if we were looking (we pretended we werent't) and then hurried and snuck in the gate. We called the grandma and asked if it was him that just walked in, and she said yes, so we went back up to the house and asked grandma to go get him for us. She went to the back of the house and came back and told us that he had gone out, but then she quickly whispered, <"he's in the backyard" haha so we went back there to look for him, but we couldn't see him. We were about to leave when we heard a sound above us, so we looked up, and he was on top of a cement wall trying to hide. We called for him to come down and let him know that we just wanted to meet him and talk, so he said, alright, I'm coming down. Right after that we heard a thud on the other side of the wall around a building and we quickly went over, but by the time we got there he was gone.... He's way fast!! jumping walls and stuff to get away from us... he was acting like we came there to lock him up, haha.. He really didn't want to talk to us.. but we're gonna try again later... Grandma said she'll help us too haha... Compared to that, the rest of the week was fairly normal. On Friday, we did a trade off with the downtown Kingston Elders, and I got to go proselyting in one of the worst ghetto's called "trench town" it was way sweet. One funny thing is that while we were walking past this guy, he said "Don't come round here no more with bibles... carry guns, and bring some ****ing ammunition!!"" haha so that was pretty funny. :) gotta love kingston. Church Sunday was way sweet. President Hendricks was there and spoke to us, it was awesome!! I always learn so much whenever he talks. He's a way awesome mission president. But ya, life here is going great!! I think that pretty much sums up the week... oh, ya, one more thing, I got a letter that seemed to think that we had hot water... if I said that... my mistake haha.... the shower here is the polar opposite... emphasis on the polar... this one is literally like ice water... Usually when I get in it, it takes a minute for me to get the courage to turn it on.. and the pressure is intense!! the fist time i turned it on, it just about blew me into the back wall haha... Usually we come out just about shivering... in the nights its nice.. but in the mornings its way rough!! on the bright side... it wakes us up really well haha.. but ya, thats about it for this week. Everyone Keep reading their scriptures every day.. It makes a huge difference in how you feel throughout the day!! Have a great wee!!

nuff love, Elder Kraus

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