Monday, March 14, 2011

Be 100% to all the teachings of the prophets!

Me and Elder Brough at the Dakins house.. she had a massive pumpkin she wanted us to take a picture with (pumpkins are a little different here & really good to eat. )
Hey everyone!!

This week was pretty sweet! I have great and not great news.. haha... The great news is that we found out that Nigel just ended up moving down the street, because his Grandma just decided to take him in... :) So that was awesome to hear!! but that great news sadly must be followed by bad news... When we went to see him, he was asleep, but his grandma was awake, so we got to talk to her a little bit, and found out why Nigel hasn't been coming to church... She is a hardcore pentacostal preacher, and when we asked her if she knew Nigel had told us he was gonna come visit church, she said, "Ya, he did say that... and he is free to choose what church he goes to, but he's gonna come to this one... our family has been going for like 4 generations..." so ya, basically Grandma is forcing him to go to her church... so that was kinda dumb... We tried to help her understand that we weren't there to argue with her about what church to go to... but rather to testify of the things we know to be true, and invite him to find out if it is true or not by praying just like we did... but it was pretty clear we weren't going to get anywhere with her.... because I don't think she heard a word we said.. she just waited til we were done and then started preaching and shouting and stuff... so ya, we politely left.. haha...hopefully we can talk to Nigel sometime with his Grandma there so he can tell her he wants to come visit and she doesn't think we're brainwashing him... but ya, we'll see where it goes... Other than that, the week was pretty sweet!

Sister Dakins is doing awesome!! She is the happiest person ever, and when we went up to see her and her family, her son Justin, told us that he wanted to be baptised on the 26th of this month. so I'm way excited for that. :) I love that family to death. :) Oh, this week, we also completed mission "teach Ricardo"... haha.. He is that recent convert who was running from us that I wrote about a few weeks ago... This time, we went up to his house, and I walked around back, by the back door, while Elder Brough called at the front. and just as we expected, he tried to sneak out the back door.. needless to say, he looked pretty surprised to see me standing there waiting for him haha but ya, we got to talk with him finally and showed him that we were just there to talk to and encourage him... so we set up a return appointment for Saturday, and it went great!!! :) I guess we just needed to get him to trust us.. He seems pretty cool now, so hopefully as we work with him, he will be able to see what is really important in life and start to come back to church.

We just started teaching a guy named Sean Connery.... (those of you familiar with celebrity jeapordy on SNL will appreciate that... haha)... and he seems way tight!!So.... Sunday was awesome!!!! First off, I started the Book of Mormon over this morning because I finally finished the Doctrine and Covenants on Saturday (I love it, but was way excited to get back into the Book of Mormon... its my favorite!!) I only made it through all the introduction stuff, and I already noticed new things that I havent' caught before... .. So that was way sweet,... and secondly.... church was awesome!! So I walked around the corner to the front of the church, and guess who I saw!? My boy Elder Lee!!! (Nigel now :)) I was so stoked... He's doing awesome, and I was way excited to see him and catch up! :) but wait, it gets even better... he said to follow him back to the parking lot to see someone ... and it was Shanae Sterling from May Pen! :) They came down to say hi to me and come to church... :) It was way fun talking and catching up with them... .. definately made my day....

Akelah, a recent convert here, taught gospel principles on prophets, and it was awesome!! One of the points she brought up that I really liked was that many of us say we would have followed the prophets anciently.... that it would have been easy... we say of course we would have been on the ark with Noah and not one of the people mocking him... but really how different are we from those that mocked Noah... each prophet receives revelation carefully tailored for the era in which it is received... we easily accept ancient prophets teachings, yet reject and even mock or set aside much of the counsel given to us by modern prophets ... when we set aside, or are partially obedient to the teachings of modern day prophets, we are just like those who mocked Noah... fools who will drown in the flood Satan is sending at us. basically, we all need to be 100% to all the teachings of the prophets, no matter how silly or outdated they may seem. So ya, it was an awesome lesson... shout out to Akeelah, she's great!. :) So ya, it was a sweet week.... gotta love it... :) oh and we did a couple trade offs this week, and I stayed in our area for both of them, and I'm proud to say, that I didn't get lost!! :) haha.

Everyone have a great week! and don't forget to Read your scriptures every day!!one love!!Elder Kraus

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