Monday, April 4, 2011

Modern Day Miracle!

Hey everyone!! Things here are going good. This week was pretty crazy!! We had an almost full teaching day on Tuesday, and that was pretty much the most we taught all week, because Tuesday evening, we drove out to Savannah-la-mar (Sav), and Negril to get the Elders for the training on Wednesday in Kingston. They stayed the night at our house, and then we drove to Kingston Wednesday morning for the training and Zone Leader Council. It was way sweet!! We learned a ton and I'm really eager to apply it. President Hendricks is such a good teacher, and after these trainings I always feel way inspired to be continually improving. We stayed the night with the Constant Spring Elders (my old house), along with 7 other missionaries... because it was too late for us to drive back to our areas by the time everything finished. Basically 9 elders in a 2 man house makes for a long night haha... But no worries, the tile was extra comfortable haha After getting some supplies and things for the missionaries in our zone, we started the long drive back to Negril,.... and to be honest, it didn't seem very long at all.... because driving in Jamaica is not boring like in the States.... We had to be continually alert, because there is no such thing as strait roads here, and most of them seem like they are made for 1 lane of traffic, and sometimes it turns into 3 haha.. basically it was a fun road trip... By the time we got to Negril though... my back was hurting me pretty bad.. not really sure why or what I did to it... so anyway, we dropped those Elders off, and then drove to Sav to drop off the elders there... but by this point my back was killing me!! Like i was having a hard time breathing.... So I called Sister Hendricks, and she told us to stay the night in Sav, It took me 20 min. to get up the stairs to their house, and then I layed on the bed, and it was so much relief!! I could breathe well again!! :) But then Sister Hendricks said to take a hot bath (we had to boil water haha)... to help it loosen up... that was quite an adventure... It took me an excruciating half an hour to be able to get from laying down to standing up, and then even longer to be able to get my clothes off to get in... It was brutal!! but long story short, it was feeling good enough in the morning to drive back, and by the time we got back, it was good enough that I could walk almost normally, so we went teaching, and today, it is feeling good enough to walk normally... I still am having a hard time bending over, but it seems to be recovering quickly... I'm not really sure what happened, but I'm excited for it to be all the way better so I can start exercising again.... So ya... um went teaching Friday when we got back, and hooked up a computer at the church so we could watch General Conference.... We were pretty nervous though, because the internet connection up until the minute before the conference sessions every time would go out every like minute or two...We were praying really hard that it would work so we could see all of conference and once conference started streaming, it never had a problem, and we were able to see all the sessions without any problems... and then when conference was over the internet connection went out again haha.... It truly was a modern day miracle that it worked the way it did. :) Speaking of conference.... It seems like the theme was get married and start a happy family... no goofing around.... haha so basically I'm way stoked to finish out my mission strong, and get married!! WOOWOO!! haha :) But ya, conference was awesome!! So many amazing talks!! I'm excited to read through and study them when they come out in the ensign and liahona.... So ya, things are going awesome here.. If you didn't get a chance to watch conference..go online and do it!! TOtally worth it. :) but I have to go... nuff love!!! Elder Kraus ps... the pic is the day we got back to santa cruz after my back went out... (thats why i appear unshaven haha)

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  1. Very cool miracles. I know it wasn't a coincidence that your back was better in order to teach, and that the internet worked long enough for you to receive the inspired words of our prophet and other leaders in the church. The Lord looks after his missionaries. I can attest to that. We always love reading your entries on your blog. Our family also received your letter today and loved hearing from you. The kids really look up to you and I appreciate what you shared on exact obedience. Great plug for a mom! Thanks for your faithful and happy service. Continue to give it all you've got. Serve with all your heart. You can never go wrong if you do.