Monday, April 11, 2011

Tell your friends the awesome news!!

Hey everyone!!
This week was pretty uneventful. It was nice to have another full teaching week though and get our area moving again. :) As for teaching this week... it went pretty well... We found a lot of awesome people that are eager to read from the Book of Mormon and learn. :) I'm really excited to continue to help them draw closer to Christ. Probably my favorite person that we recently found is a lady named Felicia... We met her on Monday, and she had some serious attitude!! haha I wish that I could explain it in words, but you just had to be there.. it was hilarious!!! but a habit that I have recently developed is dishing it right back haha... I think the reason she was so feisty the first day is because she was trying to scare us off, but we gave her a Book of Mormon, set up a next time to meet with her... I think that she realized we weren't intimidated by her though... because when we came back on Tuesday, she upped her game.... but in a good way!! She had read a lot from the Book of Mormon starting from the front, and had question after question about it.... Right when we walked up, she said... I read, and I have tons of questions... you better be able to answer them... :) so we eagerly answered her questions,and continued to be feisty (its pronounced "facetee" here lol) right back... I think that she was pretty surprised we answered her questions, and continued to meet with her despite her attempts to scare us away.... so we set up a next appoitment with her on Wednesday, and she was totally different.. she has respect for us now, and is quickly learning the gospel and doing awesome... and said that when she finds out that this is true, she will prepare to be baptized. Basically, I'm super stoked to keep meeting with her. :) We have also been working with a girl named Ariel for a while now, and she is still doing great, and preparing to be baptized on the 20th.... She's really excited about it. It was a really good week, and we found a lot of other people who really seem to be excited to learn and tell their friends about it... So our teaching pool, is building up pretty quickly... It's awesome!! I think that the only way things could be going better is if the members would participate a lot more. Having the members refer people to us, and talk to their friends about the gospel is the key to success it seems... So for everyone reading this... If you aren't member, read the Book of Mormon, and find the missionaries!! If you are a member, tell your friends the awesome news!!! Don't be scared... whats the worst that can happen?? :)
On wednesday this week we had district meeting, and since our zone is really spread out, its just us, and the sisters in junction in our district.... so me and Elder Ashton switch off teaching district meeting... (I lost in rock paper scissors, so this week was my week haha)... .... So that was pretty sweet... I'm starting to enjoy teaching a lot!! .... um.... oh, and we did a trade off with the Hopeton elders this week... and it was tough!! I was in Hopeton with Elder Powell riding bicycles, and first off, the bike I was on was pretty much falling apart... second off..... The hills were massive!! It was literally up and down.... no flat at all... because its a town in the mountain.... and the houses are just dotted all over the place.... it was intense!! I was dead by the end of the day!! Serving in Hopeton would definately be a get ripped quick program!! Speaking of which... since my back went out, i haven't been able to exercise very well, and ... needless to say, my pooch has continued to grow... hahah... me and elder ashton named him gus this week hahaha...... but my back is finally good enough that i can do push ups and jumprope... (still no situps :(....).... but the road to recovery has begun!!! I'm taking Gus down!! haha
But uh... ya... things are going really well here... and I'm starting to love everyone here... :) its pretty awesome...
but time is shortish..... so... til next week
one love!!
Elder Kraus

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  1. Thanks for the reminder for those of us who have read the Book of Mormon, to share it. I couldn't agree more that it is so much more effective for the work to progress when members share with those not of our faith. People watch and observe us by the life we lead. I loved hearing about Felicia. It must be cool to see her soften and become more open to your message.
    Hearing about your new companion, Gus, made me chuckle. I think most missionaries put on a few. I know in Italy, with all the delicious pasta, the average was 15 pounds of Gusiness! I loved my bike cities. That certainly helped! Anyway, we continue to pray for you and the other great Elders from our ward. We are sad your family is moving to Iowa but all things work out for the best. They are great examples to us of strong, faithful people doing their best. They raised a good son who is earnestly striving to serve the Lord the best way you can. When all is said and done, nothing else matters. Have a good week!