Monday, April 18, 2011

Zone Conference in Sav, was Amazing!!

Hey everyone!!

Sorry, I saved this for last this week, so I only have like 5 min....
but short summary.... It rained a ton!!! I'll email a pic next
week.. but we literally were driving down rivers that the roads turned
into haha... we hit spot where the water went clear up to the hood of
the truck!! it was intense!! We did a lot of finding work this
week, which was pretty rough in the rain.... most people just slammed
the doors when they saw us coming, and I don't blame them haha we must
have been a pretty ragged sight... two soaked white boys.... they
probably thought we were crazy or something.... haha

We had zone conference in Sav on Friday and it was amazing!! Holy
cow.. I won't be surprised if President Hendricks becomes an
apostle... He's amazing!! He has so much power, and knowledge... you
can just feel the Spirit when he walks in a room... Its awesome!!

As for investigators we're working with... Ariel is doing great, and
should be baptized on Wednesday this week. :) She's amazing!! We got
to talk to Felicia, and answer all her questions, and showed her that
we worship Jesus Christ not Joseph Smith.... and She is progressing
well again. :) We're working with some awesome other people too who
seem to be doing great!!! :)

Basically, the work is moving foreward down here, and life is great!!

One love!!

Elder Kraus

ps.... happy easter!!!

and shout out to Taylor!! HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) big
18!! stay away guys!!

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