Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey everyone!!

Wow, to be honest, I wasn't really prepared to email today because it's Labor Day here, and we didn't think the email shop would be open... but to our surprise.... It is!! haha so ya, I don't have my journal or anything, or camera... and for my, all the weeks kind of blend together....so I can't really remember what happened this week.... lol....

We are working with some way cool people right now.... Sadly Felicia and Ackeliah didn't come to church again this week.. they are having some serious persecution from their other church (which is pretty riddiculous), but we had a very good lesson with them about dealing with trials and adversity... And we have high hopes for this week... Oh, and this lady who was invited to church a long time ago, decided to come to church last week with her daughter, and loved it!! We started teaching her, and she came again this week, and now her (Sister Rhodin) and her daughter (Monique), are preparing to be baptized on June 4th. :) It was a big testimony booster to me that whenever you talk about the gospel to someone, it makes a difference, even if you aren't around to see the results. Missionarywork here is going really well. I love the people here so much!! Its crazy, I never thought that I could have fallen in love with people so much, but the more we meet and teach people, the more I love them... I'm loving the work, and loving life. I know that this is Jesus Christ's work, his gospel has been restored to the earth again, and I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon as evidence of that, and another book of scripture. My challenge for everyone reading this this week, is to invite one of your friends to church. Even if they don't come.. make sure that the invitation is always there... :)

um.... ya....

ONE love!! Keep writing me!!

Elder KRaus

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