Monday, May 2, 2011

Long Hard Week!!! WHEW!!

Hey everyone!!
This week has been pretty slow compared to last week....good and bad I guess....
Actually, to be honest... this has been like the longest week ever!! haha so, I'll just hit the highlights so I don't bore you all to death haha....
We did some pretty sweet service clearing land for a lady in the branch, and another time this week weeding a garden for another lady in the branch. (thats the pic... we picked so many weeds!!!) ...
Other than that, our week was pretty much pure going to town doing hard work!!! We are working so hard right now, but the week was pretty long because, we're not really seeing the fruits of our labors at this point.... to make a long story short and not bore you with all the stats and details.. I'll just say that this week was full of a lot of rejection and disappointment.. ... lol... but thats just part of the work I guess.... Cant always have success.... I feel like Heavenly Father is testing our diligence, because at any point this week it would have been so easy to just say, "well, its raining really hard (it rained like all week) and we're not having any success... lets just go in..." but we just kept working really hard, and hopefully we'll be able to see some more success soon... :) I'm not too worried about it.. We aren't getting discouraged, and are staying happy, and as long as we never stop working hard, I feel really good about what I'm doing here... :).... I've figured out that when we choose not to get discouraged, and just have fun with it.... the time goes really fast, and we are having a good time... :)
So ya, oh, and reading the Book of Mormon is super inspiring too... I read what Alma and Amulek went through in Ammonihah, and it just makes me laugh at the tiny trials we have haha... So to be honest... even though this week was pretty tough... I'm still smiling and laughing... :) Life is good....
Um.... what else..... Oh ya!! Transfer calls came, and Elder Ashton is getting transferred to Negril to train a new missionary for the last transfer (6 weeks) of his mission.. and I'm staying in Santa Cruz to be a zone leader with Elder Dale. I've only met him once.. but I hear he's awesome!! So, I'm pretty excited... It should be good... :)
Well, um... everyone have a sweet week.... .... Smile, it'll keep you happy haha
one love!!
Elder Kraus

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