Monday, May 16, 2011


Things here are going way good.... We just got back from Negril for a zone p-day, so I dont' have my journal, or camera cable with me... so this email may be devoid of both pictures and details haha... but I'll do my best....

This week was pretty sweet... We did a lot of teaching, and a lot of finding, and a ton of service!!! It was pretty sweet. But before I get into all of that, me and Elder Dale were talking earlier today, and we both agreed that on a mission, the saying, "the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days" is definately true... the days can be way long!! and seem to be super tough... especially when things aren't going super well.. but the weeks are passing by like nobody's business!! I can't believe that I've already been out for almost 11 months crazy!!! The harder we work, the faster time goes, and the more enjoyable it is. :) Losing yourself in service, is definately key to getting excited about anything... If you want to learn to love someone.. serve them!!

One of the zone goals that we set for this month was to try to find some form of service to do every day, whether big or small.. and this week has been full of service opportunities... We chopped a yard, helped someone move, and then.. the worst one.. cleaned out a chicken coop for Felicia and her family.... I'm definately thankful that I've done stuff like that before when I was growing up, because the smell was terrible!! There was so much crap built up, and massive spiders all over, (oh and rats... I killed a rat with a shovel.. and then went and scared Felicia with it, because she's scared of rats haha) and it was basically way hard.. we were using water to scrub the floor clean, and we had to draw the water from this big container that they have to catch rain water..because they don't have any running water... so that was pretty sweet.. but we did a really good job on the coop, and I think that it really built Felicia, and all her family's trust in us... If they ever questioned our intentions, there is no way they can now haha... They are doing pretty well.. I love them so much!! I really hope they continue to seek their answers from our Heavenly Father to find out that the things we are sharing with them are true...

Um... the rest of the week was pretty normal.. We're really focusing on finding more investigators that are willing to make the sacrifice that it takes to find out that these things are true.... I'm working way hard, and loving it!!

Um.... what else.... Oh ya, we had a sweet zone p-day in Negril today... We went to a basketball court right on seven mile beach, and played for like 2 hours, and then played futbol for a couple hours... and then had lunch on the beach... it was way fun!! I'm feeling the effects of it now though haha.. I'm nice and toasted, and exhausted!! But going teaching in a couple hours should wake me up I hope haha....

So ya, things are going well... everyone keep reading your scriptures every day (especially the Book of Mormon), and keep having an awesome time.. if you aren't having fun in life, and loving it, you aren't doing it right. :)

One love!!

Elder Kraus


  1. Thanks for the boost this morning. Who needs a cup of coffee for a morning pick up when you can just read Elder Kraus' mission letters?! You are so dead on right when you mentioned the key to loving someone is to serve them. How can Felicia not know you love her after you cleaned her chicken coop? And how can your love for her and her family not grow as you are killing rats and saving the world from vermine infestation? The gospel is so perfectly simple. I love your closing thought. If you aren't having fun in life, and loving it, you aren't doing it right. That is a great reminder to me as a mother. Sometimes we get caught up in the laundry and necessary tasks of the day that we forget to take time out for fun. Life is to be enjoyed. Have a great week. Keep loving and serving as you do so wonderfully!

  2. Sorry, I don't know why Dallin's account keeps mixing in here. This is his mom, not Dallin!