Monday, July 11, 2011

President Hendricks is so cool!!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Dang, well, this week was pretty fast. I can't believe that its over already. Tuesday morning, we did some sweet service!! We got to clear a bunch of land, and dig a bunch of holes to plant corn in. :) It was pretty tough.... Very exhausting haha.... One awesome thing about it though is that they only had 1 hoe.... So me and Elder Hoffman would switch off using the hoe, and whoever wasn't using it, got to play cricket with a bunch of kids. haha... It was way fun!! :) THey were all pretty surprised that I could play good, because American's don't really play cricket, but its similar to baseball... except they bounce the ball .... haha... It was a blast!! Tuesday is when our week got crazy. We got a call from the Assistants, who told us that we needed to go get Elder Mcleoud from Negril for a training meeting in Kingston.... (we had to be there too on Wednesday). So we left out Tuesday night and I'm gonna save you all the boring details...b ut this is the course we traveled from Tuesday night to Friday morning.... Santa Cruz to Negril to Santa Cruz to Kingston to Negril to Savannah la mar to Negril to Santa Cruz... haha... It was pretty epic.... (look at a map of Jamaica) Basically we drove all over the west side of the island.. :) It was pretty crazy... Training and Zone leader council in Kingston was awesome!! President Hendricks is so cool!! I always learn so much... After that we did trade off's with Sav and Negril, and then finally got back to Santa Cruz on Friday morning.... Basically we were gone for most of the week...

Things here are going pretty awesome though... We made the most of the time we did have in our area, and talked to tons of people. Barrington is still doing awesome.. He came to church Sunday again, and we have a couple other people that we are working with wtih baptism dates. All in all, the work is good.. :)

I spent a lot of time copying pictures to a memory card this week... so ya, not much time for this... but... it was a good week haha...Sorry bout the dry email haha

One love!

Elder Kraus

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