Monday, July 25, 2011

Still in Santa Cruz!!

Hey everyone!!!

This week was pretty sweet!! We had a ton of awesome lessons, and are working with some way awesome people!! :) Prolly one of my favorite moments of the week, was when we taught this guy named Randy about the Book of Mormon. He was so excited to learn about it, and told us that he always thought that there would be more people on the earth back then then just the people in the Bible... He's really excited to read from it. :) Its really sweet when people understand that the Book of Mormon really is another testament of Jesus Christ written by ancient prophets at the same time the bible was being written, but on the other side of the world... Cuz if you really think about it, it makes sense, and how amazing is it to have more scripture!? The Book of Mormon is way sweet!! :)

We have 3 people that we are working with right now that are committed for baptism dates in August :) Jermaine, (Felicia's 28 year old brother), Tamara (Ariel's step sister who's in her 20's), and Tiana (a super smart 12 year old girl... the daughter of a member... ).... They are all so awesome, and are doing amazing!! Working with them has been way sweet, and as we continue to meet with them, I hope and pray that they will continue to move forward despite any opposition that may come their way.

District Meeting on Wednesday was pretty sweet... It was Sister Smith's last (she goes home this week), so afterwords in Hot Pot (the place we eat after District meeting), we celebrated by busting a bottle of sparkling pineapple soda stuff ... :) It was way fun!! And we're definately going to miss having her in the district... She's such an awesome Sister, and has really helped the Lord's work move foreward in Jamaica!...

Saturday was pretty epic.... We were chopping yard for a lady, and transfer calls came... I get to stay in Santa Cruz again (WOOT WOOT!! :)).. and Elder Hoffman is going to Kingston to serve with Elder Dale as an assistant to President Hendricks!.... Which is way tight!! :) Elder Ostberg is coming here to serve with me in Santa Cruz!! He's way cool, so it should be another awesome transfer.... The last 3 transfers have flown by!!! I can't believe that this one is already over.... Me and Elder Hoffman worked super hard, and had a lot of fun... I can't believe how fast my mission is going.... its crazy!!

um... what else..... oh, me and Elder Hoffman were the 2 speakers in sacrament meeting on Sunday.... so that was pretty sweet....I spoke on the Sabbath day, and the Sacrament.. Which was pretty fortunate... because we don't really have any time to prepare talks.... and since we teach people that regularly... it was easy to talk about for 20 min.... :) The more my testimony of the gospel grows... the easier it gets to speak in church....

So ya.... not really any crazy stories or anything ... but it was just a super solid good week...:) Everyone keep reading from the Book of Mormon... and if you've never heard of it... get a copy from the missionaries and read it!! It's such an amazing book, and nothing builds a testimony of Jesus Christ more or faster....

Um...... ya.....

til next week!!!

One Love!

Elder Kraus

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