Friday, July 22, 2011

Trade off's with Elder Moore

Hey everyone!! This week has been pretty crazy too.. The craziness started on Monday.... We were walking down the street, and we saw a white girl about our age ride past on a bicycle going the other way on the other side of the road... It was so weird!! Because its unheard of to see white people in Santa Cruz.. Well... after staring awkwardly for a sec.. (we were pretty perplexed.. she stared right back and look confused as well haha)... we just kept on walking... and after a min... we turned around, and she had turned around and ran us down to say hi.... and we got to talk with her for a second and found out that her name's Sammy, and she's from Pennsylvania and has been living in Santa Cruz for almost 2 years... and is with the Peace Corps... We talked for a second... and it was pretty weird to be honest... like... I'm really used to talking to Jamaicans... and talking to an American was almost awkward... because it was just so different.... like I felt way uncomfortable and out of place haha... but ya... that was pretty cool... prolly you have to be here to understand the weirdness of it.. haha so ya... sorry if this story seems kinda lame lol

It was a pretty good week as for teaching... Jermaine, and Tiana (a members daughter) have baptism dates now, and we're really working with a ton of cool people!! We had 6 investigators at church this week, and they all had really go0od experiences, and felt the spirit! :) We also got to chop yard again this week... and I'm proud to say... NO BLISTERS!!! My hands are officially tough and callused enough to handle the machete work without pain haha.. :) Oh, and crazy story of the week... we were at a lesson with a really cool lady (Juliet) , and her friend decided to join us who was a revivalist... We were pretty excited to have another person there for the lesson, but our excitement soon changed to trying to suppress laughter.. haha.. As we started teaching about Christ... She made this like moaning sound and kind of shook her body around... and mumbled "Its true... they speak the truth".. and next thing we know... she bent over at the waist... threw her hands in the air, closed her eyes, and started running around and flailing making all sorts of weird noises...and if we hadn't caught her she would have dropped on the ground haha... But she told us that when she falls on the ground and flails is when she really has the power!! Megan, Khani, and Lisa (a few members) were with us teaching, and Megan and Lisa jumped out of their chairs and hid behind us, because she was running right at them haha.... THat is what is referred to in Jamaica as getting in the spirit... Many people here think that when you feel the Holy Ghost, it makes you do crazy things.... so ya... twas an interesting lesson to say the least... Oh, and at the end, she brought out this turban thing to wrap up her locks so we could pray... (she said she has to wear it when she prays...)... I was pretty proud that we were able to get through the lesson without losing it... because to be honest.. I was crackin up inside!! haha... Its amazing what 1800 years without a prophet on the earth does....

Thursday and Friday were pretty sweet... We had a zone conference on Friday, so we went up on Thursday evening because we needed to do a baptism interview for Negril... So Elder Hoffman went to Negril to do that, and I stayed in Sav to do a trade off with them.. I was with Elder More for the evening and it was way sweet!! Elder More is an awesome missionary and we had a lot of fun.. Him and Elder Larsen (another missionary that was with us).. both go him in like a week!!! It was so crazy talking with them about it... They both said that it feels so surreal like they are just gonna be here forever... I can't even imagine what its gonna feel like when its finally time to go home... but luckily, thats far in the future... because thats gonna be such a major mix of emotions I think!! And our experience on Monday made me realize how out of place I'm going to feel in America for a little bit... culture shock round two.. haha... Zone conference on Friday was way sweet.. President Hendricks is such an awesome mission president!!! Every time he teaches, I leave with such a huge excitement to just go out and do work!! :) Its crazy to me that this transfer is almost over... Transfer calls come this weekend!!! Time is blazin!!

Well, I'm kind of out of interesting stuff to talk about... so... Everyone keep it real this week!! Keep reading from the scriptures!! Especially the Book of Mormon!!! :) One Love! Elder KRaus (the pic is of me and Elder Hoffman)

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