Tuesday, August 23, 2011

District conf. in Maypen

Hey everyone!!! This week was pretty sweet!!! Jermain has been teaching with us almost everyday, and is going to be a way strong priesthood holder.. :) He's doing awesome, and its been a blast teaching with him!! We had a ton of good lessons, and have been working super hard... Thursday, we did a trade off with Sav and Negril, and I was in Negril with Elders Mcloud and Gray.. and it was awesome!! They are way cool, and it was a way fun day.. I learned a lot! and DANG!! on the way back from the trade off, we went to Sister Williams (a member) for lunch, and it was epic!! She feeds us every once in a while, and its always so much food!! It was so much fun, and I left feeling like i was pregnant or something haha..... so much food!!! oh, and she has a scale at her house.... but it was an English scale.... so i have no clue how much i weigh lol.... except for i know i'm like 13 and a half stones.....haha whatever that means..... it was a lot of fun though... a lot of the branch members were there, and it was pretty sweet.... oh, ya, and another fun thing that happened Frieday, was at Friday night activity, one of Jermain's friends was convinced he was super strong and would kick my butt at wrestling... (he was definately stronger than me.... lol)... so on Friday, we wrestled.... and after I beat him in 10 seconds... he wanted to go again and again... i think we wrestled 3 or 4 times... and every time it lasted about 10 seconds haha... It was good though, because I won his respect, and we're teaching him and his friends now haha... :) It felt way good to wrestle again....

One crazy thing about Jamaica that I can't remember if i emailed or not.. is that cops here walk around with fully loaded automatics... just holding them... ready to shoot at any time haha... its pretty interesting..sorry kinda random... but i can't remember if i had mentioned that before or not...

Definately highlight of the week though was Sunday.... We had district conference (its like stake conference)... in MAY PEN!!! :) :) WOot woot!! It was way good... and it was so sweet to see everyone... especially the Sterlings.... Sister Sterling is like my Jamaican mom... :) It was so nice to see them again and catch up... OH, and I saw Queenie and her family as well....It was awesome!! She told me she hasn't hardly missed a day of church since her baptism... :) I really felt like Alma when he meets up with his bros again (the sons of Mosiah) and he's super stoked... and what adds to his joy is that they are still his bredren in the Lord!! :) I definately felt that way. :) Oh, and Nigel Lee (Elder Lee) was there too.. so it was way sweet to be able to catch up with him as well. :) Pretty much, sunday was the bomb!!

Monday... we had a special zone conference with Elder Vieniez (not sure if i spelled that right...) form the seventy.... :) it was awesome!! the Spirit was so strong!!! So ya... it was definately a solid week.. :) but... time is short... til next week!! One love!! Elder Kraus oh, and don't forget to keep writing me!! :)

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