Monday, August 8, 2011

Jermain's baptism

Hey everyone!!!
This week was epic!! :) Highlight of the week, Jermain got baptized on Thursday!! It was awesome!!! We all traveled up to Hopeton (upper mandeville) to use the font there since Santa Cruz doesn't have a building yet... and it was just sweet!! :) Definately a super amazing day..We've been teaching him since I've been in Santa Cruz, and its amazing to see the changes that he's made!! It was a great service, lots of member support, and he was just beaming... He was confirmed and received the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday, and is very eager to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and start serving!! He's such an awesome guy.... Pretty much all of Sunday was great!! Five of the people we're teaching were there, and four of them have baptism dates. Tamara's baptism is gonna be this Friday the 12th, and was announced in sacrament meeting.... Pretty awesome!! I'm way stoked to be working with her.. she is making some amazing changes, and truly remarkable sacrifices :) I love this work so much!! The times like this when everything is coming together, makes all the hard times worth it.. ... :) Oh, and after church Sunday Jermain came teaching with us... :) It was super fun!! Oh, one more thing that was awesome Sunday... We went to see Barrington in the evening, and he went to the Young Single Adult Confernece over the weekend.. and he came back just oozing the spirit haha... We had a great lesson with him, and he is eager to prepare to serve a mission...:) ... Pretty much, its been an awesome week!! :)
Um... I don't really have too much email time this week... cuz we're in Kingston dong Elder Ostbergs driving test so that he can get his Jamaican licence.... ... but ya.... life goes on good!! :) ...Keep being awesome!! :) Have a good one!!!
One Love!!
Elder Kraus

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