Monday, October 10, 2011

What can I do to best please the Lord?

(pics: me on the way up to get some coconuts, yes, i can climb like an islander... :) and a pretty sweet sunset..)
Hey everyone!!
This week has been pretty good!!... Definately some pretty crazy stuff haha...

So I'll start out with the crazy stuff first: #1. Tuesday, we had an interesting start to the morning.... We were riding to an appointment, and on the side of the road we saw a completely naked crazy woman dancing and some other stuff... haha... what an awesome way to start off the morning right? haha it was pretty funny though... #2... There is an awesome member in the branch here who does fitness stuff, and I was taking to him a little bit, and he told us we can come work out with him in the morning... so we met him and rode to what we thought was gonna be a normal gym, and .... turns out, its this outdoor gym in the dirt that this rasta man put together.... and it was SWEET!! Even though it was pretty ghetto, we got a way good workout.... I was a little out of place, because I am white... and they were all huge... like steroids huge haha... but it was sweet!! I got to bench again, and that was the funniest part... They are all these massive guys, and they were only benching 140... like 20 times... and seemed to be struggling... like grunting and everything.. haha... so when it was my turn to go... they were like..., "you wanna take some off... sure you can manage..." i'm pretty sure i put them to shame, cuz I'm this skinny little white boy, in comparison and I put it up like 15 times haha.... They are huge, but i guess they aren't that strong because they were struggling!! haha... cuz 140 isn't that much weight.... It was way fun though, and we are gonna be going there more regularly... :) So ya, that was pretty much all the crazy stuff..... oh, one more thing... i woke up the other morning with bumps all over that itched like crazy! not sure if they were bug bites or hives... but they are pretty much gone now... but that was kinda nuts....

Other than that though, it was a great week! We have been having lessons with tons of awesome people and seem to be finding more amazing people every day!! :) We are definately being blessed here in Old Harbour... I love sharing the gospel with people... It really is such an awesome experience, and my testimony grows every day.... One thing that I have definitely learned on my mission is the power of simple acts of service... THe other day, we went to have a lesson with a 19 year old girl who we had talked with on the road on the way to a lesson, and she warned us that her mom wasn't too fond of us... but Heavenly Father was watching out for us.. because when we showed up, her mom was sitting on the ground shelling peanuts to sell, and I walked in, cracked a joke and got here laughing and sat down in the dirt and started shelling peanuts with her... she was pretty surprised, but it really softened her heart, and we were able to have a great lesson with the whole family and help them overcome some misconceptions that they had about the church... :) It really was a great week... This week my testimony also really grew of having the attitude of, what can I do to best please the Lord, rather than what is allowed.... :) It has really helped me throughout my whole mission, and definitely helped me this week....
So, everyone have an awesome week, and always keep reading the book of mormon!!! :) It brings so much peace and purpose to life.. :)
One love
Elder Kraus

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