Saturday, January 14, 2012

Goodbye ELder Dale! / Flight to Cayman!

Hey Everyone!! This week was insane!!

We had some awesome lessons, and a lot of our investigators are doing really well.... Many of them came to church Sunday, and are doing the things that will help them receive answers from our Heavenly Father..... I'm really excited for that.. :) Pretty much, our job as missionaries, is to coach people to receive revelation.. I think a big misconception is that when we pray, an answer is always life changing, and like turning on a lightbulb... but usually, the answers to our prayers come as we consistently do the things that draw us closer to our Heavenly Father... James says that Faith without works is dead... So praying, without works is praying without faith.... To get answers to prayers, we need to pray with faith... aka.. pray.. and go to work, expecting an answer... :) So we have really been focusing on that with a lot of people... Helping them receive and recognize answers from Heavenly Father. Some of the coolest experiences of the week were with new investigators though.... We were looking for some less active members up in Stony Hill, and ran into a lady name Trisha... We talked with her for a little bit and found that she was having back problems from her job and was looking for a new job... We talked a little more, shared a bit bout Jesus Christ, and then said a prayer for her before we left... In the prayer I remember specifically asking for her to find a new job... When we went back to see her a few days later, She was really excited... She said that 45 min. after we had left the first time, somebody called her for a job interview, and she got a new job... :) She was really excited that prayers are answered, and read the restoration tract... We had an amazing lesson with her, and at the end she asked us for a Book of Mormon so she could know if its true.. :) It was a pretty cool experience... Oh, and in Church last Sunday, I felt prompted to ask the branch presidents daughter (she's about 24) if we could come have a lesson with her... So I did, and Thusday, we had an amazing lesson with her... She already read the whole Book of Mormon by herself with nobody telling her to, and knows with all her heart that its true, and she said she says baptism in the near future after she works on some things.... So..... she was definitely prepared by the Lord haha.... She's a really awesome girl...

Wednesday was transfer day.... In the morming, we drove up to the mission home to meet the new missionary (Elder Christensen), and welcome him to Jamaica and kinda do this missionary orientation thing with President Hendricks... It was pretty cool.. and its crazy to think that its been almost 19 months since I was at that point.... After we finished with that, we drove to the lookout point and took a picture overlooking Kingston... and then.. off totransfers with him... moved missionaries around to go with their new companions... and drove back to the mission home with Elder Dale and Johnson... (they are both done with their missions now...)... It was really weird to see Elder Dale go home... We had a little meeting with them and President and stayed the night at the mission home... Elder Dale got up at 4:00 am. to catch his flight, and we started our day... I really want to finish my mission like he did... When we picked him up transfer day, he just got out of his last lesson... teaching til the last second of his mission.. I wanna do that for sure... :) I got a pretty sweet picture of him walking to the truck with his companion.... 2 years of hard work with the Lord finished!!

Friday was awesome!! We got up before dawn and made it to the airport by 6:30 to catch our flight to Cayman to do a zone conference there... It was awesome flying!! The Caribbean is so beautiful!! The missionaries in Cayman are pretty isolated... Its just them out there... So they were pretty happy to see us.. and it was a great zone conference!! :) I thought I would be pretty nervous to teach, but I was actually really excited and I felt the Spirit really help me and Elder Hoffman... Everything flowed smoothly, and I knew what I needed to say... I think that the more passionate you are about something, the easier it is to talk about it... :) Everything flowed really well, and I feel that we were all really enlightened and learned a lot.. I always fell like I learn the most when I help teach something.. haha We focused on planning, studies, obtaining your errand from the Lord, and helping people get answers to their prayers... It feel it went really well... :) One down... 4 to go... (there are 5 zones in the mission)..

So.. ya, it was a pretty awesome week.. :) Pretty crazy.. but pretty awesome... :)

oh and customs finally let go of my family's Christmas package, after they rummaged through it! haha.. :) My sister Erin made some clay missionaries.. haha SO LEGIT!! Thanks Erin!

Well.. til next week..

One love!!

Elder Kraus

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