Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Zone Conference in Kingston

Hey Everyone!!
This week has been insane!!

I don't have much time.. so I'll have to be short and spicy today.. :) Our investigators are doing awesome!! Venice and Sabrina are still doing great...as welll as everyone else we've been working with.... but we only got to see them all like maybe once for the week... because we've been so busy with zone conferences.... and other things..... A lot of the investigators that we have right now though, can't really read... so its been tough for them to learn, but step by step, they are getting it.... and working really hard at it... So... consider it a blessing if you have the education to read... and take advantage of it!! Don't let a day pass by without reading and studying the scriptures.. :)

Now for the things that kept us super busy most of the week:

Wednesday, we did Kingston and Spanish Town's zone conference combined in Kingston... and it went great!!! It gets easier and easier each time and I love helping teach it... :)

Thursday, TJ Weir from May Pen started his mission... He's gonna be serving in the Tallahassee Florida mission... but his visa isn't in yet.. so he's starting here.... So In the morning, we drove him to Santa Cruz and dropped him with the zone leaders there who drove him the rest of the way to sav....It was cool to see him again.. especially starting his mission.. :)

Friday we flew to Nassau Bahamas and met President and Sister Hendricks (who had flown in earlier to meet with some government people)... along with the elders from Turks, and Freeport at the church to start the last zone conference.. :) We did half Friday night, and half Saturday morning.... It went amazing, and afterwords we all ate at this sweet burger joint called Johnny Rockets... :) it was pretty legit..... We made sure everyone was to the airport on time to catch their flights, and then me and elder Hoffman did splits with the Nassau elders... :) It was sweet!! Bohemians have a really interesting accent.. like a mix between Georgia, Texas, and New York... Its pretty cool... :) It was a fun time.... So... we spent the night again, and went to church in Nassau (SO LEGIT!!!).. and then flew back to Kingston... It's pretty sweet to see that even though cultures are different all over the world.. the church runs the exact same.. :) So now on my mission I've been to Jamaica, Cayman, and Nassau Bahamas.... SO COOL!! :) Oh and our flights had layovers in Miami!!! So... I got to see the motherland again!! Pretty sweet... :) There were a lot of people in the airport speaking spanish... I tried to talk to one lady with an adorable baby daughter.. but all I managed to do was tell her that we were missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints going to Jamaica.... and I found out she was going to Guatemala.. haha.. that was about the extent of my attempt to speak spanish.. haha..

So ya... This week has been insane... but awesome!! Oh and today, we had a combo zone p-day... today... played American Football and Jamaican Futbol (soccer).... We did Spanish Town zone vs. Kingston zone... We won in football... but they owned us in futbol... haha It was a fun day though.... :)

Well.. time is about up... Everyone have an amazing week!!
One Love
Elder Kraus

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