Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's All a Matter of Priorities! Put God First!

Hey Everyone!!

Life here is bumpin!! Happy New Year!!! New years eve was pretty...... lame? for us... haha.. we were supposed to be home by 6 unless at the church for the branch party... So, we decided to check out the branch party.... and see if our investigators were having a good time.. but when we got there, we found that it was just a dance.. we stood outside, and said hi to people before finally just deciding to go home haha.... gotta love it.. and for the 2nd and final time in my life I slept into the new year!! haha... this is my last new year as a missionary, so I'm pretty pumped for next new years eve!! :) Other than that....Its been a great new year!!

Monday, we had our last transfers meeting with President Hendricks, and finalized the transfer by praying for confirmation that it was what the Lord wanted... Definitely a cool experience... :) Oh, and we made plans for zone conferences... I'm pretty nervous to teach, but it should be pretty sweet... :) I always learn the most when I teach something, ... I'm just hopin and prayin that the rest of the mission will get something out of it haha...We're starting zone conferences this coming Friday with Cayman... I'm pretty pumped.. We're flying over there to do it... so I'm gonna get to visit a new country!!!! :) COOL!!

As for teaching, this week was amazing!! We had a little adventure up in Red Hills looking for a less active member (way up in the hills)... we drove everywhere!!!! but when we finally found the house... we discovered that they didn't even live there anymore... so, we made the best of the situation, and started talking to the lady who lives there now.. She asked us what we do and things, and when she found out that we were doing a church thing... she seemed to lose interest pretty fast, until I showed here a Book of Mormon... That drew a lot of attention.. She was pretty concerned that we used another book along with the King James Version of the Bible... and quickly accused us of being a cult... and all this stuff.. but we invited her to read it and gave her a copy... and she reluctantly agreed to not judge it til she read it for herself and prayed about it... .. :) Never giving up is definitely worth it!! We saw her yesterday again, and it was awesome!!! She had read the little restoration tract we gave her, and the introduction page to the Book of Mormon.. She understood them both well enough to refer back to and find things she had questions about, and she is doing really well.. She still seems pretty skeptical.. (which is to be expected... its not every day in Jamaica that 2 white guys come up to you telling you that God and Jesus Christ have called a man to be a prophet again and restored Jesus Christs church.)... but she committed to find out for herself by reading the Book of Mormon and asking God if it is really true.... Essentially.. that is all anybody needs to do! :) If anyone hasn't read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it... They can not say they have investigated this church... Anyway... i'm really excited to keep working with her.. :) So.. ya... besides her.. we are working with a lot of really cool people... who should be baptized pretty soon.. A couple have dates for Feb. 4th.. and the other hopefully Jan. 21..... The biggest problem we're having though is helping people realize that this isn't something that should be second priority in their life.. This is the whole reason we were sent to earth!! to prepare to live with God again, by making covenants (2 way promises to which He sets the terms) with him... .... A lot of them have been struggling with coming to church every week to partake of the sacrament... They had many varying reasons... like, "Oh, sorry I couldn't come to church because I went to visit some family", or "I needed to get some sleep cuz I was out late, so I couldn't come to church..." The problem lies in how you look at it... If you really put things in perspective.. what should be said is... "Oh sorry, I can't visit til later, because i made a promise with God that I'll be at church..".. or "I need to get some sleep because I promised God I'd be in church tomorrow..".. Its all a matter of priorities... and Heavenly Father should always be number 1!! So we're working with a lot of people on getting to that point... The point where they are living the baptism covenant before baptism so that afterwords.. living it won't even be a question... :) I'd give anything to have everyone see things in the proper perspective!!

Oh, we did transfer calls this week for everyone, and me and Elder Hoffman are staying together for at least one more.. :) I'm pretty happy bout that... Cuz I still have a lot to learn!! Oh, and to explain the video... There is this guy here named Alfred... that we pass prolly like 4-5 times a week, and for some reason he loves missionaries!! haha.. We always yell his name when we pass and he always yells, "My lads!!! Honor!!!" haha.. Its pretty funny.... :)

Well... thats about it for now... umm.... everyone have an amazing week!!! and CHOOSE to be happy!! Its a choice.. :)

Scripture of the week: 3 Nephi 13:19-21.... (This is the account of Jesus Christ teaching this to the Nephites in the Americas.... and He taught the same thing to the people in Jerusalem in Matthew 6)... Never forget who you should really be trying to please.. :)

One Love!!

Elder Kraus

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