Monday, February 6, 2012

Things Here Are Amazing!!

Hey Everyone!!

This week was legit!!... definitely deserves a day by day recap ... highlight film style.. :)

Monday: (taken from my journal.. ) "Teaching tonight was way legit!! We had a way spiritual experience with an investigator, Jaclyn, who we've been teaching for a while... We met her on the street and invited her to church... To our joy and surprise, she came , and we've been teaching her ever since.. She's been coming to church every Sunday for about a month and a half now, but has a bit of a struggle with reading.. so we've been taking it very slow with her and helping her understand the restoration... Well, tonight, we watched the 20 min. restoration DVD with her... when we saw that she understood, we asked her to pray about it right then... and ask if it was true... We all knelt down, and she offered a prayer, very simply asking if it was true, and if it was the church she should join.... We all sat there on our knees for about 3 or 4 minutes in silence after she asked the question to our Heavenly Father, and without even closing her prayer, she looked up, and broke the silence by saying, "I know its true... this is the church I should join..." It was awesome!! We extended her a baptism date of March 3rd and she accepted... and though we still have a lot to teach her.. she experienced 2 mini miracles that night... the Holy Ghost answered her prayer... and she is now able to read the Book of Mormon well, and understand!! :)" It was an awesome day!!

Tuesday: We cleared a ton of bush with our machetes with the zone leaders for a lady who moved into the branch... it rained the whole time and we were soaked!! One of the elders had very soft hands and left with about 10 blisters haha It was pretty fun though... the rain cooled it down a bit and we were all steaming.. :)

Wednesday: We went to district meeting in Junction with the Sisters and Santa cruz zone leaders, and did a trade off with them afterwords (the zone leaders...)... It was so sweet to be back in Santa Cruz!! Definitely highlight of the trade off for me was seeing Rose and Felicia.... I love that family!! The zone leaders told them we were coming on Tuesday, and they quickly went out and got some sorrel to surprise me... :) So before we left, Rose brought out the sorrel, and we mixed the juice together... :) It pulled at my heartstrings to see the effort they went though to surprise me, and how happy they were to see me.. :) It made my week... It was so good to see them!! They still haven't accepted the gospel.. but hopefully someday.. One thing I know though, is that we'll be lifelong friends.. :)

Thursday: We had a legit zone leader council today.. and got a good vision for the mission... :)
Friday: We had some amazing lessons.. and after an amazing lesson with Sabrina, her dad, President Singh.. the branch president, made us some jerk chicken and milk shakes!! :) so good!!

Saturday: Had some great lessons and drove 2 new Jamaican missionaries to the airport for their flight to the MTC..... It brought back some pretty good memories haha...

Sunday: Great day at church... We had 4 of our investigators there, and it was just a really cool day!! We had a good lesson with Brother Brown afterwords and he showed us his chocolate tree... I had no clue that chocolate grew on trees... Its in these pod things... You cut them open with a machete and pull out these seeds covered in slime... Its pretty awesome.. i guess they used the seeds to make chocolate.. but he said that he can make homeade hot chocolate from them.. :) ... I'm pretty excited..

For the whole week: we're teaching a lot of amazing people, and the Lord is richly blessing us with so many people to teach.... I LOVE MY LIFE!! :) only down note for the week.. is that my scriptures got stolen the ones i proselyte with..... .. so luckily i had some new study ones.. (I gave my original ones to Kadine in Old Harbour).. that i had gotten while i was in Old Harbour... but i still feel a little lost in them.. cuz they aren't marked up like my other ones were... no worries though.. I'm studying and marking them with vigor and I'll soon be able to get around in them how I want to... :)

So.. Ya... pretty much.. amazing week.. and everything is going amazing... Everyone have a good week, and live it up!!

One love!!

Elder Kraus
Pretty much... Things here are amazing!! :)

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