Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thank-you Brother Stone! / Get that mouse!!!

Hey Everyone!!

First off... shout out to my brother Garrett.

Second off this week was pretty incredible... So on Monday... Brother Stone, a guy from Muscatine, Iowa, where my family recently moved came down to Kingston on a business trip.... and my mom sent some of her famous homemade wheat bread with him!! :) It was legit!! Such a good surprise... and so GOOD!!!! Definitely a nice taste of home haha.. :) I've been eating it for breakfast this whole week... It was cool to meet Brother Stone too.. as he is in the ward I'm gonna go home to... All around, just a legit day...

We chopped bush for Tammy (an investigator we've been working with) on Tuesday, and it was good until I got into some mysterious plant.. that made my whole body itch and burn... It drove me nuts!! Every inch of me itched for like 2 hours!! but It did go away after that... so no worries haha.. :) it was pretty hard to focus for those 2 hours though... As a whole.. the week was really legit... we had many amazing miraculous lessons with people we're working with, and things are going great!! Venice, a lady we've been working with, has been getting a lot of persecution for meeting with us... but she's been diligent in reading a lot of the Book of Mormon, and even though they tell her that we're a cult and devil worshipers and things... she continues to meet with us... We asked her why, and she said something along the lines of... "cuz logically, it doesn't make sense what they are saying... why would you guys spend 2 years of your lives, tons of money, and walk up and down in the sun trying to talk to people if you were just trying to deceive people.... and secondly... if you were a cult or devil worshippers, why would you invite me to read this Book (referring to the Book of Mormon)... if I do the things that are in this book, I'll become like Jesus Christ... If you are working for the devil... you certainly are not doing a good job, cuz you're inviting me to come to Chirst.... so those people that are saying things are foolish... " :) It was amazing!! She is reading, feels its right, and said she really wants her search to be over... She just needs to make the sacrifice to come to church now... (its about 45 minutes away..).. I wish I had time to talk about all the people we're working with.. So many of them are having such good experiences with prayer and fasting, and reading.. its just aweseom!! :) One thing I've noticed over and over on my mission is that every single person who actually reads the Book of Mormon consistently experiences conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the earth.. ITS TRUE!!.... :) So the best thing you can do as members is get your friends to read from the Book of Mormon... and follow up with them... don't let them take it casually because eternity hangs in the balance!!

We also got to do a trade off with Spanish Town this week, and it was legit!!! Me and Elder Mcleod met a lady... Saunya-kay.... who seemed awesome.. we had a great 1st lesson with her..left w/ a really good feeling ... and invited her to read little restoration tract... .. She texted us an hour later and said that she'd read it, and had a lot of questions.... and was really excited... Well they went back the next day and gave her a Book of Mormon, and that night she texted them... already done with Jacob!! and she'd been reading from the front!! So cool.. :) The Lord definitely prepares people and puts them in our paths or us in their paths when the time is right... :) I have a big testimony of that... When we got back to their apartment at night... to go to sleep... we saw a mouse in the bedroom behind the curtains... so we got the knife from the kitchen..and Elder McCreaty crouched ready on the right side of them while I was on the left and scared the mouse towards him.. .. When it got close, he swung, and definitely hit it.. but the mouse ran off.. .. We were looking for it, and found a blood trail leading under one of the beds... so we followed the trail, and sure enough.. there he was.. so we scared him out again, and Elder Mcleod (who's kinda scared of mice) screamed like a girl....(i prolly shoulda left that detail out.. but no worries) and stomped it to death It was hilarious!!! Definitely quite a way to end the day.... :) We slept better knowing he was dead....

So... lots more to say.... but not any time... It was a stellar week though... and I'm excited for today... We are going up to this hiking place called Holywell with a recent convert and one of her guy friends.. It should be pretty fun...

So... Everyone have an awesome week!! and don't forget... we're here to have JOY!!

One Love
Elder Kraus

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