Monday, February 27, 2012

Baptisms of Sabrina and Bro. Brown / Old Ruins

Hey everyone!!!

This week has been lightning fast, and things are going great!!...We had a few air port runs (to drop an elder who was going to Bahamas, and to pick up the elder coming back, and the other one to pick up new missionaries.. )... We had about an hour wait for one of the flights, and decided to go out to Port Royal and see what/who was out there... and on the way back, we found this old abandoned settlement that looked like it'd been bombed out or something... It was pretty creepy and looked like something in a scary movie... so.... we decided to quickly explore it... :) haha it was so cool!! So that was a good time... ... And picking up new missionaries was awesome too!! 4 of them flew in (Elders Eynon, Barker, Adamson, and Daniels)... and we picked them all up from the airport around 9:30 pm... on Tuesday, and drove them up to the mission home... It brought back memories of my first day... But it was all a blur for me.. :) Wednesday morning, we did the orientation with them, assigned them to their trainers and where they would be serving, and headed off for transfers in Spanish Town! Transfers is always sweet getting to see everyone.. :) and afterwords we headed back to the mission home for Elder Tuai's last night... It's always really weird to me to see missionaries go home... especially now that Elder Hoffman goes home in 6 weeks!!!! Holy Cow!!!! I can't believe it!! It's going really fast....

So ya, we didn't have as much time proselyting this week as we would have liked, but it still ended up being an incredible week.... Jermain (a guy I baptized in Santa Cruz) came down to Kingston for the day Thursday to come teaching with us, and it was pretty awesome!! It was good to see him again, and he brought us on quite an adventure to teach one of his friends.... We were like 45 min. up into the Blue mountains... way way up in the mountains... on this windy gravel/dirt country roads that were super steep.... :) It was beautiful when we got to the top.. We could see for miles!!! I tried to take a picture to capture it.. but it just didn't do it justice... we could see the ocean fade into the horizon, but so gradually that we couldn't even tell where the ocean ended and the sky started... :) and we could see so many mountains!! Jamaica is full of mountains... its awesome!!! I love Jamaica..

All our investigators are doing great right now!! :) Sabrina and Brother Brown both passed their baptism interviews this week, and Sabrina will be getting baptized tonight at 6:30.. Brother Brown will be getting baptized Sunday right after church... :) The coolest thing about those two is that Sabrina is the Branch President's daughter, so that whole family will be in the gospel now and can work towards being sealed in the temple, and Brother Brown's wife is a member, so they can also work towards being sealed in the temple... :) The whole purpose of the plan of salvation is to make it possible for families to be together forever, and baptism is just a step of that... :) Families can be together forever if they are sealed in the temple.. COOL! Both Sabrina and Brother Brown have overcome a lot of things to make this step in their lives.. and I'm way pumped for them...

One of the things that we've really been working on, is working more effectively with the members.... Because it really is the members who make missionarywork go foreward... We are the full time teachers.. and members are the full time finders.. :) So we've been having a lot of fun getting to know the members better and even taking some teaching with us.. :) It's awesome!! The testimony of a member in a lesson is one of the most powerful things to invite the Spirit... I'm lovin it.. So special shout out to Sister Segree, Kerry-Ann, Egbert, and George for teaching with us this week.. :)

Oh, and one more highlight of the week.... Cuba was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel!!! so that's pretty cool... :)

Um.... so... ya.. that's pretty much the week in a nutshell.. :) I'm so pumped for this weekend!!

Everyone keep being awesome.. and show your friends that you truly love them by inviting them to meet with the missionaries or to come to church or read the Book of Mormon or something!!! It will make their life!!

One Love!
Elder Kraus

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