Monday, June 4, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

This week was awesome!! I had two really cool experiences... But I'll get to those last.. First off.. I had some Jack Fruit again this week.. :)  It's definitely one of my favorite fruits.. I'm really gonna miss it when I'm gone.. .. Thats what the pictures are of.. (You eat the yellow fruit after you pick it off the alien pod and remove the seed haha.. SO GOOD!!)  

As for missionarywork... Things are going much better.. We had a really good weekly planning and goal setting session on Friday and realized that we were just spreading ourselves too thin.. We have so many things to do with leadership responsibilities and less actives to work with, tons of people to call.. the list could go on and on.. But long story short, there is so much to do, that it just isn't possible with the time we have to be able to complete it all.. So we prioritized the things we are doing, and set some good goals that could really allow us to focus our time on those who are prepared to make important steps in their lives.. It helped us get a really good direction, and this week should be incredible!!  :)  I definitely have a really strong testimony of the power of planning and goal setting... It's so important!!

Now for the cool experiences.. We've been working with a really nice lady named Jackie since January, and she's been at church every single Sunday since then but up til now hadn't accepted to fully work towards a baptism date.. Well, Friday, we had a really good lesson planned for her in which we were planning to extend her June 23rd as a baptism date.. As I was thinking about Jackie throughout the day.. and really pondering what could help her move foreward and take the next step.... a question to ask her popped into my mind.. I don't really recall what the question was.. but as we got the lesson, I asked the question, and she opened up to us and let us know the concerns she had, and things she needed to overcome before she could be baptized.. It was a really cool experience, and as we expressed our faith and confidence that with Christ's help she would be able to overcome those things.. she accepted the baptism date and committed to do everything she could do overcome her concerns by that day... It was a really neat experience.. We may not know all the thoughts and things that people are thinking and struggling with as we share the gospel with them.. but the Lord does.. and as we listen to the promptings that come from the Holy Ghost and act on them.. It opens hearts.. :)  I love it!!

Second cool experience was with a man named Peter..The story really starts a while back though... A companionship serving in Junction made a really cool song (guitar and vocals) that they recorded in a studio on P-day and sent the CD our way so we could put it on the office computer... Well..  A few Tuesday's ago, we were at Chilitos eating lunch, and had a sudden "urge" to go to the truck and get a copy of the CD to give to the resturaunt to play while we were there.. (they always play music here..).. So, me and Elder Luke went to the truck to get the CD, and as we reached, a young man was passing by who asked us where the church was at.. We told him and Elder Luke took down his number so him and Elder Conder could give him a call and start teaching him.... Well this Sunday, the same young man, Peter, at church bore a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the restoration of the gospel and is working towards a baptism date for June 23rd.. He said that he is in Kingston for a while and usually takes the bus to his sport practice.. but on that Tuesday.. he had a strong feeling that he needed to walk instead.. So he decided to walk and miraculously we got the feeling to go get the CD at the same time that he was walking by where we were.. :)  And even cooler.. His father is a recent convert in Montego Bay, and it was Elder Conder who baptized his Father!!  and now is teaching him.. :)  So COOL!!!  Why did the junction elders really record that song?? why did we really go to the truck? :)  I love the promptings of the Holy Ghost.. Its so cool to see how Heavenly Father prepares the way for everything... :)  

I love this gospel, and I love doing missionary work... and I love following spiritual promptings and seeing the results.. :)  Well.. time is shot... but everyone have an awesome week!!  and share the gospel with your friends!! Its such a precious gift, and we have a duty to share it... We can't be selfish!! 

One Love!!

Elder Kraus

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