Monday, June 11, 2012

Hey Eveyone!!

Short one this week, because I don't have much time.. BUt things are going great!! We're working really hard and have found some incedible new people that we started working with this week.. :)   I'm lovin the work, and can't believe that i only have 2 weeks left!! Dang!!  I'm super excited to see my family again.. but also am really gonna miss everyone here that I've come to love so much.. but as for now.. I'm just gonna be working my tail off for these last 2 weeks.. :)  

P-day today was pretty cool.. We went to ochi and played football on the beach.. and made some jerk chicken.. :)  so good!!  IT was an awesome day!  But.. like i said.. time is short.. everyone have an awesome week!!

One Love!!

Elder Kraus

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