Monday, June 18, 2012

Hey Everyone!!

This week was pretty awesome.. Did some service (painting), worked on transfers with President, did a trade off with the Spanish Town zone leaders, and did some awesome teaching.. :)  Saturday and Sunday were especially awesome.. For Sunday, we held a fireside with all the members announcing an open forum that we're putting on this coming week Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.. It should be pretty awesome and we're excited for it.. We gave all the members fliers to spread throughout Kingston and to give their friends.. It should be really good and clear up a lot of confusion about who the "Mormons" are.. :)  

Saturday was a pretty cool day as well, and I think for the rest of this email, I'll just share my Saturday journal entry: 

"During studies this morning, I read "Mountains to Climb" by Henry B. Eyring.  It's an awesome talk, but a line in there really stood out to me: "It is serving God and other persistently with full heart and soul that turns testimony of truth into unbreakable spiritual strength.."  I definitely have a testimony of that.. As I've served with all my heart for these 2 years, I feel like I truly have developed the "unbreakable spiritual strength" he's speaking about.. I also know that to keep that strength, I need to continue to serve after my mission as well.. :) Right now, I'm super excited to continue to be a member missionary when I get home and serve others.. 

Kai and Louis Bernard fed us dinner this evening and we arrived ten min. early.. So rather than waste the ten minutes, we went to the beach nearby to talk to some people and we ended up meeting Bob Marley's cousin, Alex Marley.. :)  Pretty cool.. :) 

We had a cool experience tonight as well... Our lesson with Jackie finished at 8:30 and we were back by our house at 8:40.. Well according to the white handbook we use, our proselyting day doesn't end til 9.. Our neighborhood was dark and it didn't look like anybody was awake, and it would have been really easy to rationalize going in a bit early.. But I made the decision at the start of my mission to be 100% obedient and serve with all my heart as did Elder Randle.. So we parked the truck and walked down the street to call at a gate and just as we got to the gate, the lady and her sister who lived there pulled up in a van to come home for the night.. We talked to them and they said they were interested to learn more.. Perfect timing! :)  I know the Lord blesses us for being obedient.. Especially to the "small and simple" things.. :)  "

Well... I'm excited to go into the last full week of my mission.. and I'm definitely going out working hard!! :)  Love everyone and talk to ya for the final time next week!

Have an incredible week!!

One Love 

Elder Kraus

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