Monday, June 20, 2011

The Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Jesus Christ!

Hey everyone!!
This week has been pretty epic... up and down... and all around... First off... The Other Side of Heaven is an amazing movie.... very similar to Jamaica... except Jamaica is more civilized.... but the island looks very similar... the food they were eating when they were starving is called breadfruit... they have it here.. haha... its pretty good.... definitely have to develop a taste for it... its pretty weird.... not really a fruit... more like bread... haha...So that was a pretty sweet P-day activity last p-day. :)
Tuesday, me and Elder Dale chopped a members yard so she could get to her clothesline (bush grows way fast here) and my blisters weren't quite healed yet... so they tore off, and I got some new ones!! ah yea!! and yes mom, I'm wearing my gloves.... they just form anyway haha.... but the good news is.. that I have some pretty intense calises now..... so I shouldn't be getting too many more.... :)

Transfers were crazy!! We had a long ways to drive... so me and Elder Dale left for Sav Tuesday night to save us some driving on Wednesday...... and I'll spare you all the boring details... but Wednesday we went from Sav to Negril to Spanish Town (where we dropped people off, and picked up 2 new missionaries getting trained in our zone, and Elder Hoffman.. my new comp) to Kingston and then back to Sav w/ some stops on the way... we rolled into Sav around 10:15 at night.. so we just crashed there... and finally got back to Santa Thursday morning.... It was pretty hectic... definately was nice to get back to work... But transfers are pretty sweet too... Its always a blast to see all the missionaries in Spanish Town... and we always get pizza hut there too.. :) so nice considering that there aren't really any restaurants in Santa.... other than Juicy Patties and KFC..... So ya..... thats transfers..

Friday was pretty dope...... We've really been focusing on Friday Night activity to get members and investigators excited about the church and to get some good fellowship... and its been going really well so far.. .This week was movie week... so after playing a pickup game of futbol w/ Jermaine and Akeem... (two investigators).... we watched.... The Other Side of Heaven haha... none of them had seen it.. and they loved it!! Highlight of the day though, was definately after Friday night activity.... Jermaine told me that he needed to tell me something, pulled me aside, and said, "I believe in it.... I believe in the Book of Mormons.. I know its true" It was awesome! I got chills when he said it... All the hard times in missionarywork are worth it for moments like that... "I believe in the Book of Mormons... I know its true..." :) WOOOT WOOT!! He's praying about a baptism date now... :) Pretty stoked for him...

Saturday morning we did some mason work... mixed some cement... and helped build up some walls a couple rows higher for a chicken coop.... it was pretty sweet.. putting the cement between the blocks and splattering it and stuff.....I think I could build a cement house now... :) Khani is the boss!!!... he was the one teaching us... and he can do it super fast... He wore all white too, and didn't get any cement on him... while we left with cement all over us.. haha... Part of learning I guess. :)

Saturday evening was pretty rough.... we saw Felicia for a minute, and she told us that she is going to miss us a ton, but she is going to stay in her church.... she said she is getting too mixed up, and they are giving her tons of pressure, so she's just gonna stay there..... she had to go after that... but I got to talk to her for like a couple minutes, and really just testified to her that she can get through all the confusion, and everything would really clear up if she kept trying to get her answer from our Heavenly Father what is true..... as batman says.... The night is darkest just before the dawn.... and she agreed to keep meeting with us.... So, we're seeing her again tomorrow, and I'm really hoping and praying that she will be able to gain a strong spiritual witness that what we have to share with her is true....

Our message is so amazing!! There is the full and true gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth again, and anyone willing to put in the effort to receive an answer from our Heavenly Father can find out that its true!!! That this truly is the only true and living church on the face of the earth... The Lord's Kingdom once again established on the earth preparatory to the second coming of the Messiah. The Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Jesus Christ, and its amazing to see the change in people's lives when they truly take the time to study, ponder, and pray about it.... It is worth the effort!!

Missionarywork is such an emotional roller coaster haha.... Its tough, because the more you teach and serve people, the more you get to love them... and the harder it is to see them fall, and not get back up.... .. But its all worth it for every single person that we act as the Lord's hand for... in helping them get up, and keep moving closer to him.... I know that what we do is true... and its worth all the hard times.....
Everyone reading this... keep being a superstar.. and throw on a big smile.... it brightens up the day. :) :) One love!! Elder Kraus

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