Monday, June 13, 2011

I tied in a race with an 11 year old girl haha....barely!

Hey everyone!!

This week has been awesome!! Once again... I got one of the high
quality computers in Santa Cruz to use for today.... (say with sarcasm
haha) so this email is gonna be kind of devoid of details.... but....
I'll update you on the important things....

This week was pretty legit.... First off, we met a lady who had the
movie "the other side of heaven"... and she liked it.. and has been
reading from the Book of Mormon and seems to be doing awesome!! Only
hurdle is going to be getting her to church...she live pretty far
away... but... she loaned us the movie, and we got permission from
President to watch it today for P-day.... I'm pretty stoked about
that. :)

We chopped a lot of yard this week, and my hands are a little worse
for the wear from it... but they should be healed enough by tuesday to
chop this other lady's yard haha... hope and pray... or else its gonna
be a painful experience... It's really hard work though... and I
definatley enjoy it... all the work on the Hubbards farm in Idaho
definately helped prepare me for it. :)

Transfer calls came this week.... and Elder Dale is getting
transferred to Kingston to be the new assistant to President... which
is way tight!! He's gonna do a great job; I've really enjoyed working
with him this transfer... He's a way good missionary.. I'm staying in
Santa cruz (yaya!!! :) to be with Elder Hoffman who has been serving
in the Turks and Caicos... (part of this mission :) and is coming back
to Jamaica now... I've heard lots of good things about him, and I'm
way excited!!

Sunday was amazing!!!! :) We filled up the house we rent to use for
church, and even some people had to sit outside because there wasn't
enough room inside for everybody.... It was awesome!! If we can keep
this consistent we should be able to get a new building soon. :) We
had 8 investigators come to church!!! They are all doing awesome!!
The most exciting part for me.... FELICIA CAME TO CHURCH!!! :) Woot
woot!! I was way stoked to see her come, and she loved it again....
The members did an amazing job of fellowshipping and she really has
some good friends in the branch now.... :) I was so excited when she
came... It was a big sacrifice too... she lives about an hour walk
away... and she walked in high heels... (she didn't have any other
shoes).... and halfway there, they broke!! and she called us, and a
member let us borrow her shoes which we quickly ran to felicia, and
she walked the rest of the way.. It was awesome!! :) A really cool
lady that we've been working with named Camille was there as well with
her two daughters... Aaleyah and Taleyah... and they are awesome!!
they really understand it... and things are just going really well
right now.. :)
We've been working really hard this whole transfer... and everything
seems to be coming together for everyone now. :) It's way exciting...

Crazy story of the week...while we were at the Rhodins house, her son
came running back from the woods pretty upset and yelled "where my
machete deh?" grabbed it, and ran back off.... so us and Monique
(sister Rhodins daughter) ran after him and calmed him down... but he
was literally gonna go kill someone.... just because they got in a
fight.... pretty rash haha... luckily Monique (11 years old) is a good
sister, and was able to calm him down... We were really there for
backup haha... Oh, and also, Monique is super fast... we asked her
what she wants to do when she grows up, and she said she wants to be
like Usain Bolt.... so I asked her how fast she was... and she was
like... lets find out.... So yes, I raced a 11 year old.... and to be
honest... I sprinted as fast as I could... I'm definately not like a
sprinter or anything... but if you know me... I'm pretty athletic....
and I really put my all into it... and was barely able to tie her....
I tied in a race with an 11 year old girl haha.... She is so fast for
her age!! I bet she sets records some day... but ya... time is

Everyone have an awesome week!! Keep writing me, and keep loving life!! :)

One love

Elder Kraus

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