Monday, June 27, 2011

WOah!!!! I'm halfway

YOYO!! Whats up everyone!! This week was pretty sweet. I'd like to start my email off with a song...... WOah!!! I'm halfway WOAHOH.... Livin on a prayer!!!!! Woot woot!! this week on THursday marked my halfway point of my mission... one year down... one to go!! CRAZY!!! Time is cruisin!! Its tradition here to burn things on big days... haha.... 6 months: a tie 1 year: a shirt, 18 months: a pants, and 2 years: a whole proselyting outfit..... pants shirt, tie and socks.. :) So I got to burn a shirt... It was pretty sweet. :) haha..

Wednesday, I had a pretty sweet experience.... during personal study, I was trying to figure out what I should teach for district meeting, and didn't really have a clue what to do.... so I was just glancing through some notes and things, and my notes on revelation through prayer stood out to me,
so I decided to go with that. I didn't really think anything of it... Just seemed good to teach... When we got to district meeting, and I told the Sisters what I was teaching on, Sister Smith got pretty excited, and said that she had been praying that I would teach on that.... It was pretty cool to see how the Holy Ghost guides our thoughts a lot of the time when we don't even realize it. God really does have a hand in so much of our lives... I feel like we are guided by the Holy Ghost far more times than we realize..... :) Proverbs 3:5-6 nails it. :)

We chopped yard this week too.... My hands are pretty tough now... and I didn't really get any major blisters... It was Elder Hoffman's first time, so I let him use my gloves.... He did really good.... and when we woke up the next morning, he said every muscle in his body was aching as he sat up to get out of bed haha... Jamaica definately keeps you in good shape if you don't let the food get the best of you.... I've been doing way good on that lately... and am back in pretty good shape again... :)

Every day this week was way awesome except Saturday... I've really been focusing on talking to everyone lately, in stores, in line for groceries, just everywhere, and we've definately been blessed with many people to teach.... Our days are booked out like 2-3 days in advance!! Its awesome!! Saturday was pretty rough, because every appointment that we had lined up except one fell through.... haha.... so we did a lot of tracting w/o too much success... but it was still fun. I love talking to people, and have been having a ton of fun with it. ON a mission, the more that you are yourself, and have fun w/ people, the more open and receptive they are to our message.... We've really been having a blast, and working way hard. And Heavenly Father definately blessed us for continuing to work hard on Saturday despite the rough day, because as soon as the day was over, we got an awesome referral.... we called him, and he didn't answer, but he called us back Sunday morning, and asked where the church was and showed up!! It was awesome!! I'm way pumped to start working with him. :) Seems like a way cool guy.
Oh, and this Sunday was fourth Sunday, and every fourth Sunday is missionary Sunday in Santa.... so we were the two speakers for sacrament meeting... :) It was actually a lot of fun. I am getting pretty comfortable with speaking at church even though we usually only have like an hour to prepare... but giving a 20 min talk, is getting easier every time I do it. :)
Sunday evening, we met with a way cool guy named Barrington. This branch has 3 Melchizedek Priesthood holders, and Barrington is one of them... But sadly, he hasn't been to church in over 2 years.... So we've been working with him, and had an awesome lesson with him last night. :) We felt like we should go over a talk from last conference (Preparing the World for the Second coming by Elder Anderson) with him, and it ended up being amazing!! He's about 22, and he commited to set up a reading schedule for his scripture study, come to church next week, and start to prepare for a mission!! It was so sweet!! Such a good spiritual experience. :)

So ya.... thats this week in a nutshell..... oh, haha... one more funny story... we met a girl that was like Satan's wife in the flesh haha... I'm gonna leave out the details... but she was coming on to us so hard!!! It was crazy, like way past the embarrassing point for her!! lol... Long story short, I could be married right now if I wanted.... ha.... but ya... just kinda a funny story.... ...... prolly not too funny from your end.... .... just take my word for it.... prolly one of those things where you had to be there... :)

Welll..... have a steller week, and keep reading from the scriptures!!! Its super important!! One Love Elder Kraus

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