Monday, June 6, 2011

The grass is only greener where you water it.

Hey everyone!

Sorry, this week is gonna have to be quick.... The computer is

freezing and used up all my time, and the camera won't plug in, so no

pictures again... lame sauce!! but so it go haha

Story of the week: We were going up in the mountains to see someone

we had street contacted a couple days earlier, but she wasn't at

home... she was a little further up the road... so she told us to just

go further up the road, and she'd come out to the road so we could see her...

that would have been awesome... if we could have remembered

what she looked like haha... but we drove up, until we saw someone who

looked like they might recognize us, and pulled over, rolled the

window down... and asked if she was marleen...(the lady we were

looking for)... she must not have heard us very well, because she said

yes haha.. so we parked and got out, and offered to help her with her

groceries.... (she had a bunch to carry)... she was happy to have the

help, and about halfway to her house, (it was a ways.... quite a hike

down a steep rocky trail through the jungle) she asked us if we were

looking for someone haha.. so we were like, "ya, you!! we found you!!"

at this point we started to realize that she might not be marleen....

so we asked what her name was again, and it was Sandra... ... lol! So

we introduced ourselves, and helped her carry her groceries to her

house.... and it was awesome!! She introduced us to her family (she's

married (very rare in Jamaica) with 4 kids), and we had a lesson with

them, and set up a return appointment... :) Definately a successful

mistake.... To quote Brad Pitt, "I enjoy the messiness of life. I

think its beautiful actually." haha :)

Quote of the week: The grass is only greener where you water it.

-Sister Osborne

This monday was pretty epic... We had a zone P-day at Treasure beach,

and found a futbol field... IT was raining really hard, and we all

played futbol (soccer) in the mud... It was awesome!!! I'll send pics

next week.

Well.... everyone have an awesome week, and you stay classy san diego.......:)

One love

Elder Kraus

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