Monday, September 26, 2011

Becoming A Chef for sure!

Hey Everyone!!!
So, this week was actually fairly uneventful.... We've been talking to so many people (thank heavens for the area book or we'd never be able to keep all of them strait)..... and this week we' had lessons with a lot of them....Many of them seem really cool and ready to receive the gospel.... and others not so much... but its our calling to talk to everyone, so we've been reppin it good.. :) One of the hardest things as a missionary is to see people who need the gospel so bad in their life, yet they won't take the time out of their busy lives to let it help.... but, we have been working our butts off, doing everything we can to help everyone accept it, and it feels so good to stumble in the door at night just physically drained haha.. ... Sunday was a little disappointing... as we had 8 people firmly commited to come to church and none of them showed up, but we're keeping the chins up and going to work same way... :) So ya, it was just a solid teaching week... We had some awesome lessons and are just having a blast talking to everyone and getting to know them.... .... We've been doing a lot of finding this week as well, and for me, the biggest secret to success is not being a robot... haha... As we're always ourselves, we find a lot more people who are interested because they see that we are down to earth and usually get them to laugh within the first little bit... :) so its been pretty fun...

Oh dang!! Best part of the week was Wednesday for sure!! I taught district meeting in May Pen, and afterwords we went to lunch at Juicy Patties, and as we were going to sit down, we heard someone on the other side of the resturaunt excitedly yell "KRAUS!!" haha... I turned and saw Queenie running over... :) It was awesome to see her and talk with her again... she's doing great!! and on the way out i saw another one of my converts, Novia! She's also doing great.... she told me that se finished the Book of Mormon!! :) haha... so it was pretty sweet to see both of them! :)

Oh and me and Elder Gayle have been cooking for almost all our meals too... :) its great!! I'm becoming a chef for sure... we made some super good fish this week, and also, I made some amazing plantain porridge!! :) Its my new favorite breakfast.. i'm gonna be pretty disappointed when I get back to America and can't find green plantain to make it haha...

but ya.... the week was pretty good.... and I'm pumped out of my mind for conference!!! :) woot woot!! talk to everyone next week.... and.... One love!!

Elder Kraus

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