Monday, September 19, 2011

Faith-simply trusting God enough to keep his commandmants!

Hey everyone!!
Short time this week... but it was a way good week!! :) We're getting to know the area better, and have been literally talking to everyone!! We have so many people to teach that our whole week is filling up fast and its only Monday!! :) So ya.... One pretty cool thing this week was that I was trying to think of a good way to help Elder Gayle understand about teaching really simply, and as I was thinking about it during personal study, the idea came to my mind to practice teaching my little brother Bryant!! So during companionship study.. we set up a picture of him and practiced teaching him so that he could understand.... and it worked really well... :) Its really important to teach simply so the people we teach can understand and the spirit can testify... So thanks for being such a good investigator Bryant! haha...
So ya, life is good... and fun definition of faith.... Its simply trusting God enough to keep his commandments even if we don't understand...... :)
Love everyone!!!
ONe Love
Elder Kraus

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