Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Transfer to Old Harbor

Hey Everyone!!

So this week has been crazy!!! but I'm just gonna hit the highlights...... Transfer calls were this week, and I am getting transferred to Old Harbor to whitewash and train a new missionary. I've been in Santa Cruz for 6 months now, and leaving is definitely gonna be hard. I feel like part of the branch family now, so its gonna be tough to move, but I'm also excited about it, because I look at change as a new adventure... Something exciting to give a go and to learn and grow from.... My last Sunday in Santa Cruz was yesterday, and it was amazing!! The rented house was overflowing, and me and some other people had to sit outside again... :) it was great!! I think the best part though for me, was that I was able to prepare and administer the sacrament with Jermain (a recent convert who received the Priesthood last week. :))... It was amazing!!! One thing that I am happy about is that I can leave with no regrets..... I am sad to be leaving because I will miss a lot of people, but I served here with no regrets.... I feel like that really is the secret to being happy as a missionary, and in life... Anything we do, we should always give it everything that we have, so that at the end, whether we succeeded or failed, we can be proud and happy because we worked our very hardest and didn't hold anything back... so because of that, I can leave Santa Cruz with a smile on my face, and eagerly go to my next calling...

I am a little nervous about the whitewashing though... "Whitewashing" an area means that neither you nor the missionary you're serving with knows the area... which is how its gonna be this transfer... because I'm training a brand new missionary, and neither one of us knows the area at all.. So on transfer day, they're gonna drop us in Old Harbor... and we're gonna start walking around and talking to people, trying to get to know the area.... and find the investigators the previous missionaries were working with.... oh, and its prolly pretty important to figure out where the church is at haha... I'm really excited for it though.. It should be a challenge for sure, haha... but hey, the computer kept freezing today, so I'll talk to ya later.... cuz i'm out of time now.... .. Live life and love it!!!

One Love!!

Elder Kraus

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