Monday, September 12, 2011

Burgers with Jermain & new companion Elder Gayle

Dang!!... oh i mean uh.... Hey everyone!
Dang!!!! This week has been so intense!!! I had a great last couple days in Santa Cruz. We are teaching a ton of way cool people, and Jermain had never had a burger in his life!! So on P-day last week, me and Elder Ostberg went up to his house with a little mini barbecuer, and made our own burgers with him and his family... It was so much fun and they were amazing!! :) We did the whole shabang, seasoned up some raw hamburger, made our own patties and everything.... the hardest part of the day was getting the fire going in the right way haha.... But it was such a blast! :) Wednesday we went to Spanish Town for Transfers, and I found out who I'm going to be training... His name is Elder Gayle, and.... me and Elder Dale are the ones who brought him his mission call a few months ago!! :) How cool is that!! He's from Junction (like 20 min. from Santa cruz)...

The Spanish Town Zone Leaders Elders Mackey and Montgomery brought us to Old Harbour and dropped us off at the house... and.... It was a tough week!! We were met by a ... less than clean house.... I don't think tubs and toilets are supposed to be black.... and... .I'm not really gonna go into details, but... bless all you mothers who teach your kids to clean.... and thank you mom, for making me do chores!! Its such a blessing knowing how to clean... haha... So instead of getting to go out proselyting for the rest of the day Wednesday, the zone leaders said we should stay in and get the house livable... which...... is gonna take a lot more than just one day... but we piled up a whole garbage truck load of garbage, (we're hoping the truck comes sometime soon, cuz its starting to smell)... and did our best to get the bathroom a slight shade of grey instead of black haha... and we're gonna be doing the rest today... with some powerful cleaning supplies... :) ... and as if that isn't a good enough welcome for Elder Gayle to missionary work.... Thursday came.... haha... The morning went great!! We walked and talked to everyone we could (there weren't any records at the house we literally were starting from scratch... even the phone didn't have any numbers in it... lol..)... in the morning, and then in the afternoon a member called us, and asked us to come link him..... We weren't quite sure how close his house was, so we decided to bust out our bicycles.... and.... I thought my bicycle was still in great shape!! I've taken good care of it... but I didn't think to check all the parts... But it was riding great still...and we were riding down a hill, going pretty quick, and all the sudden my handlebars were no longer attached to the bicycle and I was left holding them in my hand, with the bicycle still moving really fast down the hill... It was pretty terrifying, because i was no longer left with a way to steer haha... and after about 3 seconds the wheel turned sideways (thanks to the assistance of a beautifully placed pot hole), and I went right over the front... after I stood up, and looked at the damage, I noticed that my left wrist wouldn't go strait, and when I looked at the top, there was a bone pushing awkwardly against the skin that had never been there before and my neck had a pretty good crick in it cuz my head bounced pretty good.... Thank goodness for helmets. :)...... so I called Sister Hendricks to tell her I think I broke my wrist, and she had the Zone Leaders come and pick us up and take us to the Spanish Town Hospital to do some X-rays.... Sister Hendricks said she was praying so hard that I wouldn't have any broken bones... and her prayers definately worked... by the time I got to the X-ray (about 6 hours after being at the hospital... ... I guess there's a reason Jamaican health care is free haha), my wrist still wouldn't straiten, but the bone seemed to have gone back to normal.... and great news... by the time I got the X-ray, it wasn't broken!!!!!!!! Definately a modern day miracle... but the doctor told me that I had a bunch of tendons in my hand that I did some damage to, and that is why I couldn't touch my thumb to any of my fingers... so she gave me some cream to massage into it and some little exercises to do everyday...and.... now a few days later, I still can't touch my thumb to my pinkey, but I can all my other fingers.. :) ... My palm is pretty blue... but the doctor said that I should have full movement back in couple weeks and then I'll just have to get my grip strength back... So... a great second day for Elder Gayle.. haha

The rest of the days this week were pretty good... :) We are starting to get to know the area... and we only got lost a few times... oh, and we're building a pretty good teaching pool.. just walking and talking to everyone... :) We printed off a membership directory on Sunday at church (church here is a rented part of a building beside a hardware shop) and met a lot of the members, so that helped a lot as well... :) So things are definately looking up.... Oh and the branch president's wife, Sister Gardner, surprised us and brought us dinner on Sunday to our house. :) We were very grateful.... :) So ya... I think I'm really gonna love Old Harbour... and serving with Elder Gayle... I'm pumped to get to know the place better and continue to help people come unto Christ!! Everyone have an awesome week, and send me some letters yo!!! Its been getting kinda letter dry out here lately for me haha
One Love!!
Elder Kraus

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